5 Surprising Facts About Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is an aspect of marketing that you need to be aware of. Stay in the know with these five surprising facts about social media marketing.

Social media marketing is one of the major strategies in most of the companies. There are still several companies struggling to make it efficient and see true ROI. 

Marketers are no longer debating whether they should include social media in their plans! In today’s modern world, they are seeing it as a must. 

Social media marketing can be seen as a weapon put in place by most companies in 2019, however, even though they may use social media to promote their company, it doesn’t always mean that they have the right strategy and execution plan.

The following are some of the surprising facts that question whether companies have the complete knowledge and are adequately equipped to execute social media marketing. Do you find yourself in one of the following facts?

1. 92% of marketers understand Social Media is important for their businesses

Social media marketing’s popularity has caused a shift in how marketing budgets are allowed. There is a trend towards allotting higher marketing budgets to digital and social marketing in these past three to four years as social media has been on the rise. In 2019, it is rare to meet someone who doesn’t have any form of social media presence and companies are aware of that.

The good news is that marketers understand the importance of reaching out to wider audiences, whether they are a large enterprise with B2B sales cycles or consumer businesses! All companies, both big and small, can use social media to help grow their reach. If your company lacks a social media profile, it needs to create one ASAP. It is one marketing tool that you don’t want to neglect.

Watch the video below to learn about social media for startups:

2. 91% of marketers do not know the best ways to engage their audience

Social media marketing is most effective when audience preference are measured and tested, they can be engaged fully.

At MarketBeam we deeply analyze your audience in terms of their location, which social networks they spend the most time on, and what type of content they prefer to read. With our service, all this information is available to you in an easily readable format. 

This type of analysis allows the person or company to develop a profile on their audience in hopes to gain a better understanding of them.

If a company is able to better understand its audience then communication and engagement with them will be more valuable for both parties.

Click here if you want to learn more about why engagement is so important.

3. Lack of time is the most common hurdle

Social media marketing may appear daunting to marketers as many are already spread too thin. They don’t want to deal with the headache of keeping a consistent posting schedule for all forms of the company’s social media and making sure that each platform is being actively used.

Tools and automation always help reduce time and make processes more efficient.

Social media automation tools fall under this umbrella. Automation will help save time and ensure that your company has a consistent posting schedule, set to your preference.

With organic reach if you understand your audience and measure results early on, campaigns can be run more strategically.

For example, you maybe want to understand which is the most responsive marketing channel. That way you can use that channel to get important information out to your following. MarketBeam is able to do just that by showing customers which social media channel has the highest engagement.

4. 87% don’t know which tools to use

Social media marketing has been on the rise, therefore, so has the number of social media marketing tools. But even with all these tools available, 87% of people don’t know which tools are best for their needs. Let that soak in for a minute. This means the majority of people don’t know which tools they should be using. Vendors recognize this the number of vendors serving marketing technology has been increasing since 2014.

While this rise in vendors allows marketers to have choice, this is a double edged sword as it means there are not many easy ways to choose marketing technology unless they are tried and used within each company. This guess and check method is not sustainable nor efficient as it can be very time consuming and expensive.

5. Marketing is expected to include eService, growing at 53%

Social media marketing allows companies to foster better relationships with their customers as they can communicate with them in only a few taps on a screen. Marketing departments consolidate and own assets about products and services a company is trying to sell. These assets may include FAQs, new product information, How-to’s etc. In other words, the marketing department is in charge of the customer facing side of interactions.

Social media has made it easy for customers to reach out to their vendors or brands they use if they seek assistance or want to give feedback. 

The Marketing team owns the social media pages for brands. Therefore, it becomes part of the marketing team’s job to support customer requests.


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