MarketBeam has exceeded our expectations. LinkedIn impressions grew by 750% month over month.

- Xsolis


Increase in LinkedIn impressions


Increase in Page Impressions


XSOLIS is a healthcare technology firm focused on improving healthcare operations through cognitive computing. By aligning cognitive computing behind clinical expertise, the firm is creating a new framework for decision-making.

Partnering with some of the most forward-thinking healthcare organizations across the nation, XSOLIS leverages insights gleaned from proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform the utilization management process for both providers and payers.

XSOLIS combines Utilization Review Technology, Denials Management services, and Physician Advisor services in a comprehensive suite of solutions that converts clinical information into insight and action to transform the way healthcare providers approach operational challenges and inefficiencies.

LinkedIn results, which was particularly important for XSOLIS’ team, were particularly impressive – with impressions growing each month to deliver an average 750% increase. In one month the business achieved a 1250% increase in page impressions!


Digital Marketing, XSOLIS

The Challenge

Recognizing that members of the team were seen as experts in their field, and many had their own external peer networks and social platforms, the firm identified that there were untapped opportunities for social amplification. This in turn would help the firm to achieve greater brand awareness and market penetration.

The senior team recognized that their overall social media strategy was disconnected and discordant. This was primarily because the team relied on each social platform algorithm to determine what content was shown to what audience and when.

This lack of a cohesive strategy was limiting the customer’s ability to deliver their content with impact. They needed a solution which would amplify their content, leverage influencers within the business, deliver brand awareness, and secure new customers.

The Solution

Previously the firm had been using HubSpot but this was not delivered particularly impressive results and was not well suited to the task of social amplification. After reviewing several potential solutions, it was clear to the XSOLIS that MarketBeam offered the best selection of features. Those which were especially important included both the embedded social media outreach functions and the amplification tools.

“We looked at various solutions, but MarketBeam was far better than anything we could have done on our own and certainly looked like the right tool for us”

Staff were onboarded very quickly and the system setup to start delivering results. Employees were also provided with training to ensure that everyone would get the most out of the new solution.

The MarketBeam Team has been responsive to both our immediate needs and our roadmap requests. They have been fantastic holding our hand through the implementation process, helping us become power users, and building a strategy. They have done this while creating more features, more solutions and helping us adopt best practice

XSOLIS Employee

Sr Digital Marketing Manager, XSOLIS

The Results

Since adopting MarketBeam, the customer has seen a significant improvement in organic traffic and engagement across their social platforms.

“MarketBeam has exceeded our expectations. The MarketBeam team is responsive to our immediate needs, they provide excellent product support and have been helping us through the implementation and since then as we have become power users. Not only that, but they have also helped us build a strategy around social amplification!”

Results for LinkedIn, which was particularly important for the firms’ influential professionals, were particularly impressive, with impressions growing each month to deliver an average 750% increase. In one month the busness achieved a 1250% increase in page impressions!

This has been a hugely successful campaign and MarketBeam has become a critical part of the firm’s overall communications strategy, giving coherence and clarity to the marketing strategy.

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