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Boost your marketing strategies with MarketBeam’s intelligent actionable insights.

MarketBeam integrates data from multiple sources to create actionable insights in real-time.

Analytics engine continuously collects, monitors, and combines data to update KPIs. This Machine Learning Algorithm-based KPI results are readily accessible and easily consumed through dashboards. 

Results driven by real-time insights and data inputs


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Quantify Your Organic Engagement!

Calculate your brand’s Earned Media Value instantly. Attach a dollar value to all organic engagement created by both brand and by combined employee amplification.

Every organic clickthrough will be captured, measured and a custom Cost-Per-Click will be allocated.

Measure Content Success and Understand Audience Behaviour

Understand how well your content resonates with your audience. Identify blindspots, post at optimum timings to fill content gaps, maintain content consistency and strategize your content.

Publish relevant content based on audience behavior and reaction to your content. MarketBeam breaks down analytical data into actionable insights to give a 360-degree overview of your entire content posting activities.

  • Know what type and topic of content is in most demand by your audience.
  • Learn exactly at what day and time to post your content to get maximum engagement.
  • Measure content relevance and acceptance by getting individual post insights regarding likes, shares, comments, impressions and more.
  • Measure content relevance and acceptance by getting individual post insights regarding likes, shares, comments, impressions and more..
  • Identify highest performing posts and content to further inculcate more of it in your content strategy. 

Get Real-time Engagement Insights to Boost Further Engagement

Monitor engagement across your social media networks round the clock. MarketBeam enables the marketing team to individually draw engagement data from an employee, influencer, and corporate pages which is not possible otherwise. Dashboard is the single pane of glass for all social media campaigns. Monitor, track, and optimize engagement across social networks, corporate pages, and individual employees.

  • Maximize geographical brand reach by measuring click-throughs over the map.
  • Know exactly when and where your audience is most active and accordingly post thumb-stopping content.
  • Track engagement driven by individual posts, employees, and influencers.
  • Compare engagement success brought in by employees v/s corporate pages.
  • Identify the most engaged network, optimal engaging time and most engaging content to understand audience preferences.
  • Distinguish employees, pages and influencers that drive maximum and accordingly empower them with more relevant content funnel.
  • Watch the timeline to know exactly at what time and date every individual post was liked, shared and commented on. You also get precise information regarding the location, browser and device.

Other Use Cases

Social Publishing

Executive SMM

Sales Enablement

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics based on Machine Learning algorithms that constantly create actionable recommendations to maximize social reach and engagement. The dashboard provides a single integrated view of campaign analytics across multiple social media channels.

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MarketBeam helps brands grow socially and elevate brand image. Our smart AI-powered amplification platform helps in social growth, implementing employee advocacy and measuring marketing success.