The Secret Marketing Weapon Every Company Has, But Is Not Using!

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How Does Feeling Empowered Impact You?

Actions will always speak louder than words. This can be seen in all aspects of life, think about this for a second… 

Empowerment is the enabling truth that permits these actions.

When someone trusts you tremendously with your work, you become more dedicated to the task at hand.

This trust will inevitably want to become more immersed in your duties, leading us to the notion of empowerment!

Feeling Empowered is Nice, but Why Is It So Important?

The feeling of empowerment is something that is invaluable, and often underrated! Surprising, right? 

This feeling does more than just make people feel good, it creates a willingness to be immersed with whatever you are facing.

In work environments, there can be a strong lack of the feeling of empowerment to the employees and staff for multiple reasons…

The company could get too big, people are closed off behind their cubicles, people may work from home etc…

Truth be told, behind all kinds of successful companies are ones that employees feel a sense of investment.

The company could be as grand as Facebook, or as small as family owned shop, investment in employees is what is tying the company together! 

If you do not really invest in the employees, what are you truly investing in?

When employees at a company company feel empowered, they will begin to share and develop company, news, announcements, and branding.

How Does This Help Employees?

Employees that feel empowered, create and abide by a work ethic that is made up of discipline, determination and a true passion for the job.

PLUS, this also haul in the best results, because individuals will feel like they are receiving deserved recognition~

Do you remember being told you were “Doing a great job!” or that “This could not have happened without your efforts”?

How did that make you feel? Good, right?…

It made you want to come back and keep on working hard and improving because…

You knew you were getting more from this experience than just a paycheck!

Also, this idea of intrinsic motivation comes in to play, because people can physically do work, but you can not force someone to 

really be dedicated!

I mean, you could, but have you ever seen success with inflicting force or pressure on yourself, or on others? Nobody wants to be that person… 

In a place of work people should be treated for who they are, not the job role they have. 

How Does Market Beam Incorporate This?

Market Beam is unique in this way, because it does what many companies are not willing, or able to do.

We have a geared focus towards empowering employees to have a determining role in promoting their own marketing content.

We encourage empowerment amongst employees by allowing them to play a valuable role in sharing company content easily.

According to Forbes “ A study from Zenger Folkman found that only 4% of employees are willing to give extra effort when empowerment is low. But, 67%  is willing when empowerment is high”.

Not only does this promote a healthier work environment, but it encourages employees to provide their best efforts.

This means  being able to practice and implement core company values, especially when working with others and customers. 

Market Beam makes it a priority to empower all those involved with the company. 

If there are people involved, why not create a win-win situation for all?

This is why we  also believe that,  “If staff are performing at their best, they’re more likely to be keeping customers happy”. Not only would customers be able to increase their Social Reach by 10x, but be satisfied and empowered while doing so!

Making others feel empowered is what should unquestionably be practiced amongst all beings.

 It is a respectful and beneficial tool that is agreeably lacking in the world today.

There is great hunger and determination to use each other as stepping stools, but in the end, everyone becomes negatively impacted.

When there’s a way to achieve improved outcomes, foster a more positive work environment, and boost team morale, why not participate in it?

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