Digital marketers should know about Facebook’s latest features and technologies that were presented earlier this month at Facebook’s 8th annual, F8 conference, to 2600 eager developers who are interested in Facebook’s product roadmap.

Feature #1: Watch Party

Video is king and all digital marketers must know this!

Watch party allows you to watch live video and chat with friends.

Long gone are the days of “Netflix and chill.” Now you can “watch party and chill” with your closest friends during live or prerecorded video events.

This feature emphasizes peer-to-peer engagement.

You can foster friendships from the comfort of your own home.

Feature #2: Instagram’s AI Increases Brand Power

At the end of last year, Instagram enabled users to follow #hashtags.  Just like #hashtags on Twitter. This is a popular way to interact with content on Instagram.

Facebook is introducing ‘Explore’ powered by artificial intelligence.

Did you hear that? AI.

And on top of that it will be augmented with content classification that will be influenced by Instagram’ community.

So, what does this mean for digital marketers?

You know that friend of a friend that you met once who feens for corgis?

Welp, I hate to break it to you, but that friend could soon influence what you or your consumers see in the ‘Explore’ page…(queue corgis galore!)

In all seriousness though, this is a good thing for digital marketers.

And a really great thing for brands.

This allows brands to develop their presence.

Develop stronger associations.

Increase awareness.

All of this happens as the AI continues to learn more about your brand and product.

Just in case AI scares you and you’re having reservations about using social media to grow your business, check out our recent post about How to Create Professional Boundaries on Social Media.

Feature #3: Personalize and Share Faster

Digital marketers must take advantage of personalized sharing

Sharing is caring.

Now it’s easier than ever for consumers to press that ‘share’ button on Facebook.

This sharing feature isn’t new, but what is new is that businesses can create personalized milestones or achievements. 

Personalization can be unlocked once someone shares your content.

And if you’re a business, you should optimize this feature.

If your shared content includes photos, make sure you’re using Facebook’s optimized photo size. (You can find those guidelines in our blog post about 2018 Optimal Picture Sizes for Social Media.)

Feature #4: Messenger AR is a More Attractive Sales Tool for Brands

Digital Marketer should leverage Messenger AR, a more attractive sales tool for brands

And last but not least, Messenger’s AR feature will curate a virtual shopping experience.

Say what?

Here, let me share a few examples.

Maybe you’re shopping Sephora and want to try on a new eyeshadow or lipstick? A Sephora bot can help with that!

Maybe you’re shopping Ikea and you want to see what that modular, navy knit couch might look like in your apartment? An Ikea bot can help with that!

Maybe you want to try on the latest Nike kicks to see how fly you’ll look in them. A Nike bot can with that!

Soon enough there will a bot for everything.

Digital marketers and brand managers will need to invest in 3D models and creatives to curate this shopping experience.

If done correctly, this shopping experience will be more convenient than ever.

Consumers can shop from the comfort of home.

They can also shop while they “watch party and chill” too.