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by | Jun 28, 2022 | Social Media Strategy

Looking for ways to amplify your social media marketing in this automated era?

What can help better than social media management tools to simplify your job? Let your marketing team become a free-man band for handling social media. 

With employee advocacy on the rise in recent years alongside other marketing popularities, businesses are adopting tools to ease their work. Social media publishing and amplification platforms like MarketBeam and GaggleAMP prevail this year across channels for incorporating employee strategy. 

There’s a good chance that your company is already on social media, but are you doing it right? It might be time to take a closer look at your employee advocacy program. How do you know which tops for your business as a social media amplification platform?

Let’s dive in to learn!

What is MarketBeam?

Founded in 2018, MarketBeam, a leading GaggleAMP alternative, is a social media publishing and monitoring platform that helps highly-regulated companies gain followers organically and build leads. The platform makes it easier for businesses in highly regulated environments to use social media to get noticed, attract followers, and drive traffic.

It enables companies in highly regulated industries to engage with their customers and generate leads through employee advocacy. The tool was extensively designed for companies in highly regulated environments like cybersecurity, financial services, and life sciences. 

How does MarketBeam work?

MarketBeam, the GaggleAMP alternative, makes it easy for marketers to create and share content on autopilot. With a simple 3 step process—Publish, Amplify, Analyze—you can reach 10X more audiences and enhance your organic reach without overhauling your current strategies.

MarketBeam allows you to post and manage social media content with confidence, thanks to its built-in compliance with FDA, FINRA, and FDIC rules.

What is GaggleAMP?

Founded in 2010, GaggleAMP is a platform providing employee advocacy where employees and stakeholders share content on social media platforms for increased reach and business management and to send measurable business results for stronger outcomes. 

This is one of the oldest Employee Advocacy tools in the market with not many upgrades over the years. 

How does GaggleAMP Work?

GaggleAMP can help you request your employees for 50 different activities to exponentially increase the visibility of content while highlighting the employees as the thought leaders in your country. 

Gamification features of GaggleAMP acknowledge your employee advocates while bringing some friendly competition into your efforts. All the employee advocacy programs and activities are undertaken by the members are scored based on points and the managers can filter the highest score.

Functionality MarketBeam GaggleAMP
Content review & approval
    Native Video Posts
Employee Advocacy
    User Groups
    ‘Organic Like’ Campaign 
    One-Click share
     Social monitoring 
    Veeva PromoMats
    Google Analytics
     Mobile App



Publishing on both platforms works more or less the same. You can create your content from the main feed dashboard, select the account it originates from, attach images, add UTM links, and publish or schedule Gaggle AMPs in the future. The tool has a draft box allowing the users to also store the posts that are not ready for publication and review them later.


Besides the basic capability of publishing on social media, MarketBeam takes it a notch up by addressing the following issues:

  • Bulk Schedule by uploading a CSV file (up to 50 posts)
  • Video Uploading (up to 100MB file size)
  • Tagging on LinkedIn

Track your campaign ROI by simply setting up your UTM parameters before you publish and automate social media post-production with the help of RSS feeds.


GaggleAMP offers the ability for a single user or team to create content and push it out to the rest of the employees for easy accessibility. However, if your employees are eager to engage in their content creation and publishing, then the tool can be handy. GaggleAMP offers a centralized interface for creating and publishing content on social media channels. 


Permission settings and publishing approval rules are the most common forms of collaboration in social media management.


MarketBeam, the GaggleAMP alternative, offers two roles to simplify social media management- 1) Admin and 2) User. 

  • Admins can collaborate on social media calendar
  • Review Content & Process Approval
  • Collaborate with Agencies


GaggleAMP offers two roles too under their employee advocacy program- 1) Managers and 2) Members.

Managers are similar to the Admins in MarketBeam whereas, Members are the employees who opted in for the organization’s employee advocacy program. 

Managers can curate content for their members to share, like, or comment on multiple social media channels. They may also request employees to do alternative activities like responding to queries or downloading an app, etc. GaggleAMP’s employee advocacy program is entirely voluntary, members can turn down the requests by managers and choose the activities they want to fulfill. 



Employee Advocacy is the core value of MarketBeam, i.e., amplifying social media posts through employees.

  • The AI-based infrastructure helps in publishing posts at scheduled times. 
  • Social Drip functionality automates mimicking human behavior to bring in more engagement on every post.
  • One-Click share allows users to select the posts to be posted by receiving notifications on them on email or Slack.
  • Amplification of social media posts via executives.


Slightly similar to MarketBeam, GaggleAMP too has a knack for employee advocacy. Managers send their employees the content they want to be shared on social media for amplification. Members have the liberty to choose whether or not to continue with the request. Also, their gamification process keeps the employees more engaged and active on social media platforms. Employees need to log in to the GaggleAmp app every day in order to view and share content. 



Get actionable insights on your vital KPIs in a single centralized dashboard. MarketBeam allows you to track engagement, shares, and click-throughs and identifies the most engaging social media channel for your business. The tool also helps you filter the top-performing influencers, social media posts, and the traffic generated by each.

Gain access to, monitor, and measure engagement driven by employees and corporate pages so you can compare top-performing pages. With varied integrated insights, you can optimize your content and social media marketing strategy. Track top-performing posts to find out what works and what doesn’t. 

Analyze the importance of branded content through social media and measure organic, paid, and long-lasting followers to increase everyday value to the brand.


Get analytics on every social media content posted under the employee advocacy program. GaggleAMP helps measure clicks, shares, and engagement, and track the performance against the KPIs and outcomes on employee advocacy. Sure, the Gaggle Managers cannot see what kind of activities employees carried out but they can see the points earned by them over time and evaluate their analytics. 

Integrations and Extras


MarketBeam, the GaggleAMP alternative, integrates with all the vital platforms to help in comprehending aspects of your social media management.

  • Supported Social Media Networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Xing.
  • Marketing Communication Tools: Slack
  • Link Tracking integrations: Google Analytics
  • Review & Compliance Tool: Veeva Vault PomoMats
  • Lead attribution: Salesforce, Hubspot


GaggleAMP integrates with the best platforms in marketing automation, CRM, SSO, email, communications, and others to help improve the workflow. Here are the integrations of platforms of GaggleAMP:

  • Marketing and Communication Tools: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce and Chrome Extension. 
  • Supported Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, YouTube, Indeed, Instagram, MailChimp, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn SlideShare, and Xing.
  • Link Tracking Integrations: Google Analytics, Bitly Integrations, Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot, Oracle marketing Cloud
  • Simple Sign-On Integration: Okta, PingOne, Centrify, Auth0, OneLogin, Azure Active Dictionary, Google Workspace.

Pricing models


MarketBeam, the GaggleAMP alternative, offers three pricing tiers to help you find the right option for your business. The lowest tier only allows one user and is great for small businesses. The base plan lets you schedule multiple posts in advance for up to 25 users, offers access to free app integrations, and has a social inbox to respond to customers. At the top two tiers, you also get access to special add-ons, like employee amplification and ad campaign management.


GaggleAMP offers a 14-day trial period and their pricing package starts at $300. The package brings a powerful content-sharing platform with one-click scheduling, message segmentation, strengthened employee share of voice, gamification, rewards for engagement, and detailed analytics and reporting. The plans range from 25 employees to enterprise plans with thousands of employees. 

Which should you choose?

Both MarketBeam and GaggleAMP, the platforms are extensively in employee advocacy. They have their own pricing structure depending upon their offerings with the plans. 

GaggleAmp’s user interface seems quite dated and no enhancements have been made in several years. That is seen on their online reviews.

For industries that are highly regulated and compliant, like Pharma and Life Sciences, MarketBeam is a good call as it is the only social publishing platform fully integrated with Veeva. 

GaggleAMP is 100% voluntary for employees to have the option to deny or accept the request by the Manager/ Admin. This can be subject to the company’s work culture. For instance, if you want to give choices to your employees, go ahead with GaggleAMP. On the other hand, if a company has a strict policy for the employees to engage with the organization’s social media content, GoogleAMP does not have a solution for this- MarketBeam works better for you then. 

Both tools have the potential to assist you in achieving (and exceeding) your social media objectives. Determine what you require from them and choose the best alternative.

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