LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B businesses. Research says 97% of B2B Marketers use it for lead generation and content marketing.

Besides, Forbes did a study and found that 81% of U.S. respondents indicated posts from their friends directly influenced their purchase decision.

What are these companies doing to get business through social media?

Do you think they’re writing tons of articles or spending a fortune on ads or adding numerous posts every day? Very unlikely.

Well, there are a few simple tricks that help corporates to grow followers organically, drive traffic, and bring leads.

View our webcast where we discussed:

– A successful employee-driven approach to increase followers, reach, and engagement

– What is the employee advocacy and how to use it to your social benefit

– How to nurture prospects without writing extra content

– A sneak peek into MarketBeam – an AI-driven social media publishing, amplifying and monitoring platform

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