Hear from one of our customers, Kaminario and their experience with MarketBeam

Arun Srinivasan, Head of Marketing at MarketBeam interviewed Troy McFadden, Account Executive at Kaminario to learn about his experience using our product.

You can view the full video of the interview here:

AS: Tell us about your experience setting up the MarketBeam app

TM: You go in and you walk through the set up. Which accounts do you want to do? Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You know just keeping it simple. And I thought, well I’ll give it a shot.

And so I  set up all the accounts and then she would  push out an email from Corporate saying, “Hey, we’re sharing this now.”  And I said okay, we’ll try so you click “share now”.

I didn’t really have to customize it because everything she did was great. You just click “share now”.  Success. It’s shared through all 3 mediums. Good job!

That’s it! So, I was like, I’m sold because that took me like all of 2 seconds. I see the email, click the button. I’m done.

And all we have to do is click “share” and all of a sudden, “Troy is a leader for this month!”. I’m like, how could you not be the leader for this month? All it is 2 seconds. It’s like click. Done.

AS: Tell us about the usability of the app.

TM: I love it. It doesn’t take any time. It’s very professional.

When it comes through your application it’s extremely easy. For me personally, my contacts in my network I get people asking about stuff more than I did before. It’s not just “Hey look at what we’re doing today…” They’re actually professional announcements that go out so people who are interested will comment to a reply or say “Hey, I saw that latest announcement.”

For me as a sales rep, it’s a great mechanism to get the message out without any effort. I mean zero effort. I mean it’s like there’s no effort at all.

If you can’t do the initial set up in like 5 minutes, give me a break!

AS: What social network do you recommend users connect and why?

AM: Just pick one. LinkedIn would be my top one. Everyone’s in that everyday anyway. You’re mining and prospecting that and everything. So, just pick one.

It will take 5 minutes. So absolutely, I would say…YES! Because the easiness of it. It’s just great.

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