Organic Social Media Algorithm 2019 for Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
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Social media algorithms are changing

Organic social media algorithms are ever changing. We know that digital as a channel isn’t going away. It’s a powerful tool to communicate branding, influence opinions, provide information, raise awareness, and share promotions. These tactics are staples is the digital world. Now a days there are so many channels within social media that you could use to reach your customers. On top of that, social media algorithms on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have changed over the years. Have you changed your approach to sharing content on social media to keep your content at the top of your audiences’ newsfeed? If you haven’t, your single piece of content might be missing out on up to 90% of your potential audience. So what can you do about this? We’ve put together a few tips to help you.

Do you know what is your Social Reach ? Calculate Now

Tip 1: Calculate your current organic social reach

Do you know how many people you are currently reaching with your social media approach? Do you know how many people you might be missing out on? Let’s get that sorted out first!

To do this you’ll want to calculate your current and potential social media reach.

We also wrote a blog post about the different criteria used to calculate your Custom Social Reach. You can actually reach far more people than just the followers on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter channels.

Tip 2: How to improve your organic reach

First, you want to optimize your organic reach. This includes the number of people who have seen your post through unpaid distribution. With organic reach, the upside is that you can publish posts for free. The downside is the volume of content is never-ending. This makes it difficult to achieve organic reach as you are competing for limited time in front of your audience as they scroll through their newsfeeds. So what can you do if you are sharing content on social but are reaching fewer people than anticipated? Fortunately you can still increase your social media post engagement without spending on ads or promotions. You might be wondering how to achieve this?

Well, as an enterprise, you need more people sharing content on social media! This means that your corporate channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter aren’t enough. Your corporate channels are a primary source where potential customers may look for information or updates, but not all of your potential customers are following your corporate channels. To boost your efforts and really make an impact, you need your employees, executives, partners, and advisors sharing your content on social media to increase its relevance, presence, and organic reach. With a tool like MarketBeam it makes it incredibly easy for your brand advocates to share content on social media.

Tip 3: Make Facebook’s algorithm work for you

When it comes to sharing on Facebook, you have to use Facebook’s algorithm to your benefit! Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg shared that posts in your newsfeed will prioritize friends and family first, information second, and entertainment third. Content from businesses, brands, and media is less visible making it more challenging for businesses to get their content in front of audiences.

Armed with knowledge, what should you do? You should make Facebook’s algorithm work for you. This means that you need more people from your company, brand, or community sharing your content in order to increase the chances that your content will be viewed. And don’t forget the science behind Why Do We Trust Referrals since this supports exactly why you should encourage your employees and executives to share content on social!

Tip 4: Track the right metrics

We know how frustrating it can be when you invest in creating awesome content, only to be disappointed with its lack of engagement. But, what is engagement? Is it likes, tweets, followers, retweets, click-throughs, shares, or something else? What we think really matters is a combination of factors that can be boiled down primarily to: a combination of shares and click-throughs drive engagement.

We recognize that not all metrics are the same nor equally valuable or easy to capture. For example, impressions are the easiest to capture, but are moderately helpful. They just indicate to you that someone viewed your post. It doesn’t mean they engaged with it by clicking the link or even liking the post.

Followers are another metric that is very easy to capture but it isn’t always helpful for a few reasons. Now days with the changes in the organic social media algorithms, it’s not uncommon for your followers to not see your post. Especially if you are posting content from a corporate channel or branded account, that means your followers are less likely to see your content because as we mentioned above, Facebook prioritized content from friends and family over yours!

You really need to consider how to engage your employees or brand advocates in your social media strategy to overcome the changing organic social media algorithms.

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