IT Staffing Company Implements World Class Social Marketing Solution With MarketBeam

RCM Technologies (RCMT) has been an innovative leader in the design, development, and delivery of business and technology solutions to commercial and government sectors for over 35 years. RCMT’s IT segment provides enterprise business solutions, application services, infrastructure, competitive advantage, productivity and life sciences solutions. They service some of the largest national and international companies in North America as well as a lengthy roster of Fortune 1000 and mid-sized businesses supported by a network of offices across the US.


The Problem

RCMT has been laser focused on direct sales and building relationships with customers, leaving very little attention on marketing activities. Prior to MarketBeam, RCMT’s marketing was quite basic. Executives and sales team members participated on social, but their posts lacked cohesion. Collective social media efforts were left an untracked and the overall impact on marketing ROI was unmeasured. With a desire to capture audience’s mindshare and deliver a brand that stands out to job applicants required a fresh digital marketing strategy, a marketing solution that integrates innovative technologies like those available with MarketBeam strengthens RCMT’s position as a thought leader while enhancing their brand.


The Solution

RCMT’s social strategy was made possible with a single platform, MarketBeam. Social media is the most engaging marketing channel available today. It’s mature, its reach is broad, and it produces business results. RCMT enhanced their company’s visibility and developed individual thought leadership without the administrative hassle since MarketBeam did the heavy lifting. Now, MarketBeam is central to their social marketing strategy and all team members are motivated to participate.


How MarketBeam Helped?


“RCMT increased LinkedIn followers by 50% in a quarter”

Bethany Plaza, VP IT Services


Unified Marketing Goal Enables Actionable Social Strategy

Bethany Plaza, VP of IT Services at RCMT, is a thought leader. She quickly saw how she could equip her entire team with great lead nurturing content. This meant expanding branding that brought additional revenue. Plaza shared, “It was important for us to implement a solution that would not only fit with our existing sales processes, but we were also very intentional at adopting a solution that would help us to share our knowledge as industry experts and really deepen our thought leadership.”

Before MarketBeam, some of RCMT’s executives were active on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social channels. However, their social activities were inconsistent, lacked strategy, and it was difficult to attribute marketing efforts to lead gen on social channels. Now, RCMT is aligned towards their goal of expanding brand recognition. All team members are aware of the role they each play in executing company’s marketing strategy.


MarketBeam Transforms LinkedIn Presence

Introducing MarketBeam was transformative to RCMT’s LinkedIn presence that resulted in tangible business results within just a few weeks. Plaza observed that, “In 2 weeks, our LinkedIn followers increased by over 50% just by adding our sales and executive team on MarketBeam and having them share posts with their professional networks a few times a week.” This clearly indicated to RCMT’s team that they were simply not reaching those audiences before and there was the opportunity to leverage existing resources like employees’ professional connections.

RCMT’s LinkedIn page saw incredible improvement in engagement in just 2 weeks:


Increase in new followers


Increase in view pages


Increase in unique visitors

Social Marketing Activities Drive Business Results

RCMT has experienced many positive benefits beyond branding and online presence. MarketBeam has served as a tool to unlock their potential in the following areas:

Lead gen: Within the first month, RCMT hit more than 1,000 click-throughs, and over 34,000 impressions with only 25 employees participating in the program. These tremendous results directly contributed to a new enterprise lead through one of their social posts.

Thought leadership: RCMT constantly researches and shares topics such as women in technology and hiring best practices to educate their audience. RCMT addresses topics that are discussed at the national level and are taking steps towards making a meaningful impact in these areas. Plaza elaborated, “We are now being contacted individually for various purposes like participating in thought leadership or speaking opportunities. Building such individual branding is unprecedented.”

Social engagement: Followers have replied to social posts and the volume of inquiries have increased. RCMT now has access to deep analytics on their social performance and engagement. Employee participation has increased their engagement by 10.3 times!

Job applicants: Plaza described, “Now we are able to share many jobs opportunities on LinkedIn and reach our existing and new followers.” When jobs are posted by people to their personal networks, there is automatically more engagement and ROI compared to paid job ads.

Typically, staffing companies don’t invest as heavily into social marketing. This helps RCMT to improve its social brand and really distinguish itself in such a competitive market. Plaza shared, “Building thought leadership not only helps us to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Most importantly it helps us to be top of mind for potential prospects and job applicants who want to work with us or for us.”

Overall, we see this as a win-win situation. RCMT is reaching both of their targets: prospective clients and job applicants with their integrated social media strategy and messaging. With an innovative platform like MarketBeam, RCMT has transformed their social presence and is driving business results with all team members aligned to their marketing goals and strategy.

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