If you have been following the digital marketing news, you must have heard some big news in the world of employee advocacy these past months. The Elevate employee advocacy product is being shutting down by LinkedIn starting December 2020.

When LinkedIn made this announcement earlier this year, they mentioned that they intend building some Elevate functionality into company pages, however, the truth is, LinkedIn will no longer be offering a stand-alone employee advocacy product by the time December comes around.

Having done a little research and had conversations about all of this with prospective and current Elevate users over the last week, here is what I think, and strongly advice:

If you are serious about continuing to grow your employee advocacy program beyond December 2020, and are currently making use of LinkedIn Elevate, then you should start looking at alternative solutions as quickly as possible.

But hold on!

Didn’t LinkedIn mention something about incorporating some Elevate functionality into Company Pages and that it will be free of charge?

Sure, they did! But, if you are not new to the world of employee advocacy, you should already know that in order to run a real program you need a real, purpose-built employee advocacy platform.

Do not be swayed. This announcement by LinkedIn entails some very important facts. The end of the Elevate software means that:

1. LinkedIn would stop innovating.

2. There would be no new feature releases from them.

3. You, the customer, will have no software to make use of in this era of SaaS products.

4. And most importantly, you will never get to enjoy any of the features below:

. Analytics (brand/ non-brand shares, clicks, engagements, and referral traffic)

. Employee-suggested content

. Automated content emails

. Leaderboards and gamification

. Internal (non-shareable) content

. Automated content sources (rss feeds, twitter handles and hashtags, etc.)

. Multiple user permission levels (admins, moderators, contributors, etc.)

. Sharing to Facebook and other networks.

Besides the above, other reasons why you should start thinking about replacing your LinkedIn Elevate now include:

It takes too long to replace an employee advocacy program

Transitioning would need training across departments

Executives are used to the platform – so get started earlier

Make sure to not have a dip in your social media engagement

MarketBeam, The best alternative

Now that you have made up your mind to move on, MarketBeam is the best alternative to ensure the growth of your employee advocacy program.

 In case you didn’t already know, MarketBeam is a partner of LinkedIn that uses its APIs to publish content on LinkedIn. It is a Social Amplification Platform.

Today’s winning companies must deliver authentic content from real people. Targets, prospects and customers expect to connect with brands in real-time to get the information when and where they need it.

 MarketBeam is designed for companies that operate in regulated environments. Administrators control content on social channels and approval processes, while employees safely and freely amplify employer’s content on social media.

 Did we mention that it is easier to setup and use, as well as meets more requirements than the LinkedIn Elevate?

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What to expect from MarketBeam

. Publishing to multiple social media channels

. Auto sharing of content on multiple social media platforms. This is very important for consistent employee participation.

. Social media drip campaign (look on our website to write more on this feature)

. Executive branding (look on our website to write more on this feature)

. Organic Like Campaign

Security and compliance features like

. GDPR compliant

. Data retention based on compliances

. Secure storage

. Approval workflows based on your requirements

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