Employee Advocacy has been on a steady rise for a while now. It allows B2B companies to control the flow of information by empowering their employees mainly their executives, sales and marketing teams to share content with their personal networks. Employee advocacy has proven to increase social media reach, build stronger thought leadership and help social selling.

But the tools that are available in the marketplace are broken. 

1. They look automated taking away the personalization from the social media posts, making all employees look like bots. All the employees share the same content at the same time. This limits the lifespan of the content.

2. There is a big push all at the same time and then no publishing later. 

3. If employees want to post at different times or personalize their messages, they have to do a lot of work. They need to choose the content and schedule their own post.

All these lead to employees not choosing to post corporate content after a while.

The solution?


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What is social media drip campaign? 

A Social Media Drip Campaign is a machine randomized post timing for each social media content to publish at different times of the day continuously to increase reach, engagement and lifespan of the content.

– MarketBeam’s definition

Drip marketing is more popular in email marketing. The same concept has been used by MarketBeam to create drip campaigns in social media.

Content is short lived on Social Media. How can we improve that?

As the online content is increasing exponentially over the years, it has been very difficult to keep content fresh and new. Engagement of content will be high when it is first published and then reduces drastically within hours.

How does Social Media Drip Campaign work? 

Social Media Drip Campaign is a feature of MarketBeam’s employee advocacy solution.

Step 1: When an admin of MarketBeam creates a new post, first the corporate post will be published.

Step 2: The backend algorithm assigns a time slot for all of the employees to share content on their social network.

Step 3: Pre-defined admin choice of time zone and time period is used in order to publish employee posts throughout the day. For example, if the admin choose to publish between 8am -8pm Pacific Time Zone for an employee pool of 100 users. All employees publish content during these 12 hour period at various times of the day.

Benefits of Social Media Drip Campaign

Benefits to employees

1. Eliminate action required for scheduling posts for maximum engagement. All employees need to choose and schedule their own posts in many employee advocacy platforms. This adds time and effort by each employee during business hours. In MarketBeam, employees can choose to automatically share corporate approved content on their social media at a time chosen by the tool.

See how to share content automatically.

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2. Post corporate content at a unique time. There is a high potential for colleagues to share friends and connections on social media. If multiple connections share the same content at the same time, the value of the content decreasing making it look like a bot.

Benefits to marketers

1. Exponentially increase content life. Life of content on any audience’s feed in less than a few hours. Brining engagement during this short period of time is not easy. If each employee posts content throughout the day, the social post is considered new and the clickthrough rate for that post increases significantly.

2. Marketing has complete control of the message and amplification. Adding people behind corporate social media posts are very critical to gain true and long lasting engagement. At the same time, it is not easy to match content publishing time with employee chosen time to share. For example, if you are promoting a press release and want to maximize engagement in the next 1-2 days, Social Media drip campaign can make sure all employees share this content at various times in the next 48hours. In absence of a tool like MarketBeam, you do not have any control on when your colleagues will share content.

This feature has proven to improve engagement exponentially compared to all employees choosing their own time to post.