Get your social content from creation to MLR review to publication 66% faster

Streamline and scale your social media content creation, MLR Review and publish, all while reducing risk

More than 80% of consumers use social media as a source of health information. This puts an enormous amount of responsibility on the LifeSciences industry to inform physicians and consumers accurately on social media.

Due to regulations and compliance, the process of creating social content, getting them MRL reviewed and published, poses compliance and efficiency challenges on the brand marketing, MLR team and agencies. What if there was a way to 
  • Seamlessly publish social media content directly from Veeva PromoMats
  • Reduce 66% of social content time to market
  • Be compliant to make sure both brands and individuals are safe

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Automate your social content workflow

MarketBeam integrates with Veeva Systems

MarketBeam is integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats to eliminate risk by ensuring content has completed the required review process prior to being published on social media channels.

MarketBeam stands as the only social media publishing and amplification platform designed for Pharma, Biotech, and life sciences to eliminate the compliance risk on social media.

Eliminate the social media compliance risk by ensuring the content published is approved and FDA compliant. Empower your employees with approved content to maintain 360-degree security and avoid violation of compliance regulations.