Sales Enablement

Equip your sales force to reach and nurture prospects everyday.

Arm your sales force with strongly crafted content to be shared across their social networks. Drive quality and quantity sales with MarketBeam’s social sales enablement.

Empower your sales team to connect the brand with prospects and nurture leads on a larger level by publishing strong, relevant content. Track and monitor each lead to understand audience preferences and equip your salesforce accordingly. 

More Frequent Lead Conversion

Better Win Rates

Enriched Lead Pipeline

Larger Deals

3 Simple Steps to Efficient Social Selling:

STEP 1 : Discover Content

Create and curate brand and industry content for sales force. Allow them to demonstrate subject matter expertise by posting social media with a consistent cadence.

STEP 2 : Scale Nurturing Leads On Social Media

Automate marketing content distribution to sales teams. This will enable them to educate and keep prospects warm and informed through social channels.

STEP 3 : Measure Engagement

Let every sales and account executive monitor and measure their own engagement through MarketBeam’s user-dashboards.

Access top influencer networks to fill leads pipeline

Publish relevant content to a varied audience, nurture leads on a larger scale and maximise conversions.

Other Use Cases

Social Publishing

Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy

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