Social Media Managers Are Making This Critical Mistake With Photos

by | May 8, 2018 | Social Media Marketing

Notifications for me, Notifications for you, Notifications for EVERYONE!

There is nothing worse and more annoying than feeling like you are just another number.

Even worse is seeing the same photos for notifications that you are certain everyone in the world has also just received.

This is so bothersome to the point where you might not even open the notifications (we ALL have done that)

You might even hope they move down your feed, who can blame you?

But what is worse is seeing the same kind of email, with the same kind of pictures EVERYWHERE!

Avoid this Mistake!

Businesses are making a huge and possibly even overlooked mistake when developing their social media strategy.

The focus is finding the right time and vital day to post and send notifications, but the idea of personalization is overlooked.

By personalization we mean getting rid of…STOCK PHOTOS and getting real!

Stop with the STOCK PHOTOS!

Look at it this way, when you open your email account and you have all of your unread emails constantly always growing, you are overwhelmed!

Someone make the constant dinging stop!

But then, you get an email from a company that you have never heard of…

Or an email with a unique header and you get this slight bit of curiousness and excitement, leading you to brace yourself and open that email.

You open it because you know that the email is possibly directed towards you, for you, and not everyone else who has an email account.

Then you see that it is personalized, possibly with a photo you have never seen before?

A visual that you can’t trace back to something?

Something that you are sure you can not pull of the internet?


(yes. It is called personalization and avoiding stock photos)

Now, whoever has emailed you has a better chance of hearing from you because you actually opened the email with intention…

You Were Personal, Now Look at Your Gain!

This is incredibly powerful as users now will be able to understand and respect the notion behind the movement of the company.

They  also are more interested in the notifications and posts being sent out!

Perhaps even starting to look for them/expect them!

When you make people feel like they are 1/1 individuals and not 1/x (x being an unknown number) they are more likely to  give you more of their attention.

Just as you did when you got that individualized email!

No one is happy when your notifications feel like the other ones that are over flooding inboxes…

That is why Market Beam provides you the option to personally personalize each and every one of your posts.

This is also why we do not support using stock photos to portray a certain idea, value or emotion.

Employing stock photos has become outdated and an overused method for trying to capture people’s attention.

What has evolved and gained recognition and popularity is the concept of individuality and uniqueness.

As we progress with the times, our only direction is towards embracing and celebrating uniqueness!

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