UTM Tracking


UTM Tracking

Track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns across publish media and traffic sources. Admins can configure UTM parameters including source, medium and campaigns in Team Settings. 

Track Leads

MarketBeam tracks every click generated by all social media posts and maps it to the individual employee that generated it. This capability enables MarketBeam admins to track every lead on their website and the employee that created the lead. 

Track top-of-the-funnel leads and instantly identify the employee that generated it.

Let’s see it with an example

 Let’s see how Elizabeth tracks and attributes each lead for her company


Step 1. She enables the User Tracking feature in MarketBeam. 

Step 2. A unique tracking ID is generated for every employee in MarketBeam’s framework.

Step 3. She easily tracks every clickthrough in Salesforce and knows which post and employee or partner generated it.

The Result

Elizabeth knows exactly where her leads come from! Her Marketing and Sales team finds it very easy to attribute clicktroughs and leads too.


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