A new way to measure LinkedIn buyer intent in HubSpot CRM!

Are you under pressure to generate more MQLs(Marketing Qualified Leads) from LinkedIn? You are not alone.

Email opens and clickthroughs have bot-tracking issues and are questionable. So how can you measure buyer intent?

As companies adopt different channels like websites, emails, phone calls and LinkedIn to generate MQLs, the importance of tracking their effectiveness in CRM like HubSpot becomes very critical.

HubSpot CRM automates tracking buyer signals like email opens and clicks, website visits and phone calls. But the biggest black box is social media signals.

MarketBeam integrated LinkedIn and HubSpot in a unique way to give you a competitive advantage over the usual methods used in the industry.

Watch our recent webinar where we showed you exactly how to:
– Create new MQLs from LinkedIn signals
– Automatically add prospect intelligence to your already existing HubSpot Contacts
– Shorten sales cycles with true signals in real-time
– Leverage MarketBeam, the only social media amplifying platform that integrates with HubSpot CRM, and empowers to track the LinkedIn buyer signals


Paul Plaza

Digital Marketing Director – Balto.ai

Paul is a real-time guidance platform for contact centers powered by AI, and has been in the digital marketing space for over a decade. He’s helped SaaS companies in industries ranging from healthcare to cybersecurity strengthen their digital posture, grow pipeline, and win more deals through holistic strategies that include: paid media, SEO, social media, and marketing automation. He’s passionate about utilizing marketing technologies in creative ways to beat the competition and deliver results.

Pushpa Ithal

Founder – MarketBeam

Pushpa Ithal is a strong supporter of women entrepreneurship and is passionate about building great products that help solve everyday problems. Pushpa has worked in engineering, product management, and marketing at startups and established companies in Silicon Valley before launching MarketBeam, an AI-driven personalized enterprise social marketing platform that utilizes untapped executives’ and employees’ social networks to increase reach, elevate brand, and nurture leads beyond the usual corporate channels.

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