An Exclusive Compliant Social Media Publishing Webinar for Merck

Reinventing Compliant Social Media For Merck. With Veeva Promomats.

The LinkedIn page of Merck is active with educational, promotional, and awareness content. To fully leverage social media and implement employee advocacy, MarketBeam, the only official social media partner of Veeva, is coming up with an exclusive webinar for Merck employees.

Join experts as they share how to publish FDA-compliant content directly from Veeva Vault PromoMats.

Key Takeaways:
– Tightly integrate social media publishing of Merck with MLR/PRC approval processes
– Reduce social media content time to market
– Publish only approved, FDA-compliant content to eliminate risk and human errors
– A sneak peek into MarketBeam – an AI-driven social media publishing, amplifying, and monitoring platform and its integration with Veeva Vault PromoMats

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