LinkedIn Amplification & Selling Strategies: Proven tactics for US company

How do you plan your LinkedIn to amplify your brand and bring in sales in 2022? Many enterprises feel having a documented plan, solid budget, and established network can help drive organic growth and sales through social channels. Our customers and industry experts agree… that’s not enough.

MarketBeam organized a webinar to better understand LinkedIn amplification and social selling for B2B marketers. Learn how to amplify your content reach organically, nurture leads and convert LinkedIn connections into hot prospects.

Key Highlights:

– Building a full-proof LinkedIn amplification and sales strategy for US companies under 500 employees
– Leveraging the power of employee social networks to boost brand growth, capture quality leads and elevate the brand image.
– How to effectively drive 40X social engagement.
– A sneak peek into MarketBeam- an AI-driven social media publishing, amplifying, and monitoring platform.

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