Eliminate Social Media Compliance Risks in the Highly Regulated Life Sciences Industry

Pharmaceutical and Life Science marketing is highly regulated by the FDA and the Division of Drug Marketing and Communications (DDMAC). Despite all the security concerns, the industry is rigorously moving towards social media to establish its brand voice and reach the target market.

In 2021, MarketBeam conducted a survey of life sciences executives and found that the greatest social media concern for more than 53% is potential compliance and regulatory risks. Download this whitepaper where we explained how to eliminate such social media compliance risks by ensuring the content published is approved and FDA compliant.

High lights:

  • A proven strategy focused to reduce the gap of compliant social media publishing.
  • How to automate the complex and resource-intensive process of MLR review/compliance.
  • Eliminate the cost and accelerate the approval and publishing process to ensure impactful marketing.

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