Professional Organization Dramatically Elevates Branding and Social Footprinting Using MarketBeam

Women in Technology International (WITI) is committed to empowering innovators, inspiring future generations and building inclusive cultures, globally. For over 30 years as a leading authority of women in technology and business, WITI has been advocating and recognizing women’s contributions in the industry and encouraging students to pursue STEAM careers. The organization delivers programs and platforms for individuals and companies — designed to enhance innovation, competitiveness and global reach. WITI’s ecosystem includes more than three million women and men in technology, 60 networks, and 300 partners, worldwide.


The Problem

With the changing times of digital marketing and social media, WITI recognized an opportunity to enhance their social media presence. Social media is a key way that WITI’s members use to communicate beyond their usual email newsletters. Although WITI already had a presence on social media through their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages, this wasn’t generating enough traffic to their events and it wasn’t carried out in a cohesive way. WITI needed a solution that would enable them to amplify their social media efforts, drive people to their events, and elevate their brand in this digital age.


The Solution

As a branding guru and WITI’s VP of Marketing, Parna Sarkar-Basu first learned of MarketBeam’s product at WITI’s conference in 2017 where MarketBeam was one of the top 5 startups selected to participate in their conference’s Startup Village. Frustrated with the social media tools she was using, Sarkar-Basu saw an opportunity to use MarketBeam’s platform to solve WITI’s social marketing challenges. Thus, the relationship between WITI and MarketBeam was born. Within a few weeks, WITI Boston was blown away by the results they achieved! They had increased event registrants by over 400 percent in just weeks of members sharing content on their social networks.

WITI Boston recommended that MarketBeam be used by the networks to amplify the WITI brand and leverage each members’ social contacts to get more people to each event. The MarketBeam team worked quickly to onboard WITI’s corporate team and networks to maximize their event attendance.

How MarketBeam Helped?

WITI WITI Corporate Creates Unified Social Media Strategy

Once WITI’s social media strategy was in place, WITI encouraged team members to join MarketBeam’s app and participate in its social media efforts by sharing WITI’s content. Members added a personal touch to their posts before sharing updates with their social networks. This was quite an achievement given that the WITI marketing team could now track their cumulative social media efforts.

MarketBeam is now used by dozens of WITI networks around the U.S. Sarkar-Basu described the benefits of MarketBeam’s social marketing tool as, “Not only is our corporate team involved in advocating on social, but our local networks are involved too, which is a great asset for any professional or community-based organization. We were able to get the local networks up and running within two weeks of our on-boarding call with MarketBeam’s team.”

WITI Boston Uses MarketBeam to Increase Event Attendance by 400%

In April 2018, WITI’s Boston network noticed event attendance was dwindling. Sarkar-Basu led WITI Boston’s initiative to increase local event attendance. Within weeks of using MarketBeam, the Boston network achieved these results with just six board members once they started sharing content through MarketBeam using their social networks:

– 1,000+ share

– 410,920 impressions

– $50,000 in earned media value (what they would have otherwise spent to earn the same volume of traffic)

 “MarketBeam is a centralized tool for all social activities of any organization. It helps scale marketing campaigns by analyzing results accurately.  Our network directors push content via MarketBeam to their local channels and to corporate channels”


Parna Sarkar-Basu, VP Marketing at WITI Kari


WITI Tampa Increases Social and Strong Attendance at Fundraising Event

In October 2018, Kari Schori and her team in WITI’s Tampa Florida network organized Geek Glam, an annual fundraising event. By using MarketBeam in the 2-months leading up to their fundraiser, WITI Tampa increased their social reach that resulted in:

– 300+ attendees and 18 local vendors

– 28,980 impressions

– 60 silent auction items


 “We push content out more frequently and that has made a huge difference. We promise our sponsors we will give them a social media shout-out so we can do a lot of postings especially leading up to the event. Our Facebook engagement has been better than it has ever been over the past two years.”


Kari Schori,  WITI Network Director & CIO at Westpoint Insurance Services 


WITI Columbus Saves Time By Using MarketBeam for Social Media Management

WITI Columbus’ Director of Marketing and PR, Chelsea Akers says MarketBeam has completely changed the way her team shares content on social media, resulting in:

– Time savings from scheduling posts across multiple social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook)

– Measuring social media engagement

– Identifying whose networks are engaging the most with content

Akers also shares “we weren’t able to track our activity, so we weren’t getting any feedback on where we were getting the most engagement, who is sharing the content, or whose networks are engaging the most people. It was definitely more of a challenge and more of a guessing game of what was working and what wasn’t until we started using MarketBeam.”

 “Previously our board members’ social media posting process was very manual. It required a lot of coordination to make sure individuals shared posts with their networks, which was time consuming. We couldn’t schedule posts or share a single post across all social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We found a solution for all of those problems – MarketBeam” 


Chelsea Akers, WITI Columbus Director of Marketing and PR

Elevated Personal Branding

Not only is WITI experiencing results from a corporate and network branding perspective, but also individual members are gaining results from their elevated personal branding. One WITI member said, “I have seen an immediate benefit to my personal business. My LinkedIn profile has seen a big uptake in views and I am getting lots of likes and shares. Since I am a new small business owner this will help me promote my own business.” MarketBeam elevates individuals’ and enterprises’ brands through sharing quality content and being seen as thought leaders in their respective social networks.

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