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Social media strategies can be hard to properly execute, but they are a must as social media plays a HUGE role in marketing strategy for most companies. This is especially true in today’s digital era. In fact, most growing companies eventually hire someone full time just to manage social media. Now we fully understand that many startup companies can’t do that which is why we made a how-to guide on building a social media strategy for start ups.

Regardless of who is managing your social media, one this is certain: they are spending far too much time with minimal results.

Why Do Social Media Tasks Consume More Time Than You Expect?

Social media strategies need social media networks to function. If you’re not aware there are many social media networks out there–way more than just the traditional Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t believe me? Just Google ‘Social Media Networks’ and you’ll be amazed with the sheer quantity of results that come up.

Being that today is in a digital era, companies want to capitalize on that. They try to create a presence on as many social media networks as possible in hopes to widen their reach and grow their audience. Being on multiple social media websites means that many posts need to be created and posted to those individual networks. If you didn’t know, crafting social media posts for brands is much more time consuming than crafting a post for a personal account. Why is that?

With a personal post, there isn’t generally a strategy associated to what you post. You take some cute pictures and then post them for your friends to see. These posts are light-hearted and not a lot of thought is required.

Social media posts for business, on the other hand, do require a strategy because their goal is most likely to communicate an important message to their audience or to be a form of persuasion. Brands need to make sure that their social media posts represent the brand appropriately, appeal to a wide audience, uses the right hashtags, and that all captions and images or videos are properly formatted with no errors.

How Automation Can Help

Social media strategies can be elevated through automation. It’s 2019. Any process or task that is repeated multiple times can and should be automated. For example, you can save a lot of time by automating your posting on social media. Typically, if you are on many social media networks the content you share to your followers will be identical, or if not very similar, therefore it possible to automate this task. But one must keep in mind that every platform is different and needs it’s own specifications to be met.

Our product, MarketBeam, takes away all those intricacies from your daily tasks and makes sure your content is posted appropriately on each network. All you need to provide is the image, link, and text you want and MarketBeam will do the rest, posting your content to all the social network accounts you have linked.

Next Step: Amplify

Once the content is out, the next task is amplifying the content. Your content should reach the right type and range of people. You want to make sure you are targeting people who will be interested in your product. It’s a waste of time and resources.

MarketBeam has built a way to kick-start any social media content virality. When employees and colleagues of your company spread the word on social media to their own networks, all of their followers see the content your company has posted. Now if a friend of one of your company’s employees likes your post, all of their followers see your company’s post. This cycle repeats itself over and over again and as a result, your post gets more exposure. If you want to see your company’s current social reach and then see its potential reach that MarketBeam’s service can create, fill out our Reach Calculator Below:

Use Social Media Analytics to Create a Feedback Loop

Social media strategies should use metrics to guide companies on what to do and what not to do during marketing campaigns. Measuring your campaign is as important as launching one. You have to look at different metrics to asses whether your campaign was successful or not. You take stock of that information and use it as feedback for future campaigns. With every new campaign, you learn what to adjust and tweak so that each campaign is stronger than the last.

MarketBeam consolidates data into a single dashboard so analyzing your campaign is easy and pain-free. You don’t have to log into each individual platform to get the analytics from various social networks.

Why MarketBeam is the Answer

Your social media strategy is easy with MarketBeam. You can schedule posts at times when audiences are most active, customize every post by adding meaningful comments to each of them. This will also get carried to your advocates’ posts as well.

For example, you could add a strategic hashtag so that all advocates tweet the same keyword effortlessly. You can also identify the most active audience time to increase traction with your audience. Here are some other social media marketing tips.

By being able to reach your audience at the times they are most likely to log on to social media, you also are more likely and able to gain their attention and earn a bond.

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