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Our Purpose

To bridge the gap between marketing efforts and the excellent desired results, it’s important to unleash the hidden potential that lies within your workforce. 

The power of employee networks is often underestimated. The effect of a brand’s social media marketing is amplified when combined with employee advocacy and that is exactly what we do! 

Our aim is to automate social media marketing for brands while leveraging their employee networks. Hence, MarketBeam has created an AI-driven social amplification platform that utilizes untapped social networks of executives and employees while maintaining control of corporate messaging.

Our Story

After understanding the potential of employee networks, our surveys led us to realize that employee networks remain untapped. Our experts then measured the potential of leveraged employee networks against the marketing activities of companies and inferred that there was a massive gap in marketing strategies. 

It is then when we realized that an amalgamated platform was all that businesses needed to get the results they desired. 

And so, MarketBeam was born! To help brands embrace the networks of their employees and strategically use them to their full potential.

Why MarketBeam?

Features apart, MarketBeam guides you for your next step! Not only does the precise implementation of employee advocacy enrich brands with stupendous growth, it is the actionable insights that truly help brands strategize their marketing. We are the only platform designed specifically for companies who operate in highly regulated environments, such as healthcare, financial services, and cybersecurity. Because of this focus, MarketBeam addresses major pain points in social marketing workflows.

Abundant features is just an understatement when it comes to the magic of MarketBeam.

Our Team

Founder and CEO, Pushpa Ithal has worked in the cybersecurity world. While she saw the need for social amplification for businesses in order to elevate branding and increase legitimacy, there are many compliances and basic security holes in the process, starting from executives sharing passwords to content compliance breaches in regulated markets.

She founded MarketBeam to provide a secure, safe and compliant environment for all employees to share their employer’s content, build their own thought leadership and thrive in their careers.

Pushpa Ithal

Pushpa Ithal

Founder & CEO

Iqlas Ottamalika

Iqlas Ottamalika

Co-Founder & CTO

Daina Middleton

Daina Middleton

Corporate Strategy

Tina Sampath

Tina Sampath

Strategy, Life Sciences

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