Measure and analyze your social media marketing and gain real-time actionable insights. 

Integrated Dashboard

Get actionable insights against vital KPIs, all in a single dashboard. Track engagement, shares, and click-throughs while identifying the most engaging social channels for your business. Distinguish top-performing influencers and traffic generated by them. Access, monitor, and measure engagement driven from employees and corporate pages and also compare top-performing pages. The varied integrated insights create a feedback loop, providing agile inputs to optimize your content and social media marketing strategy.


Instantly publish content to integrated social channels. Increase brand reach and content life span while cutting down publishing time by 90%.

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Measure Earned Media Value and get actionable insights derived from analytical data. Get all your social media marketing analytics in the integrated dashboard.


Track the source and medium of your leads and attribute each lead accordingly. MarketBeam tracks every click generated by all social media posts and maps it to the individual employee that generated it.

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