“We deployed MarketBeam around July 2019 and you can see the hockey stick growth clearly!”

Paul Plaza

Marketing & Business Development, Saviynt

Customer Story: Saviynt

California based Saviynt is the industry-leading provider of Cloud Security and Identity Governance solutions. The business has clients around the world and provides best-in-class governance across applications, data and infrastructure through a single, seamless platform for cloud and Enterprise. Saviynt has grown quickly over the last few years and in 2019, was ranked the top third of the Inc 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

The Challenge

Saviynt’s marketing team recognized the need for a strong and effective social media presence if they were going to reach the right audience. They also recognized that a well-managed social marketing strategy could help them achieve organic growth and customer engagement. Despite investing considerable time and effort into social, they were not achieving the results they had anticipated.

Following a progress preview, the team identified the need for a technology solution to help them reach their ambitious marketing goals.

The Solution

The marketing team knew what they were looking for – a feature rich social amplification platform that would be cost effective, simple to use and easily scalable. A review of the available options soon led the team to MarketBeam, a solution they felt was an ideal fit for the business which offered all the benefits they were looking for. With MarketBeam, they were confident they would be able to drive strong social media engagement and quickly outperform their biggest competitor.

300% month over month increase in LinkedIn followers.


What really drew us to MarketBeam was the auto-share feature, allowing employees to pre-approve all content and share posts automatically when they get published. 

We knew that this auto-share feature would be super helpful for our sales team.

Paul Plaza, Saviynt

300% month over month increase in LinkedIn followers

How MarketBeam Helped

The most important marketing objective for Saviynt was to generate a strong return on investment for lead generation. This required a focus on increasing brand awareness and thought leadership to reach large numbers of individuals and businesses within the target audience.  To achieve this, the team implemented a 2-stage process.

    • Identify top employee influencers who are connected to target audience on social media such as LinkedIn
    • Publish relevant content through these influencers to reach target audience  

Implementation: Onboarded all employees in a single day

Onboarding was critical in driving adaption and it needed to be simple to encourage employee advocacy within the company. Over two weeks, a four-stage process is delivered to review the existing social media strategy, to build a social media calendar, publish content to company social channels and to execute training sessions for all employees. During the roll-out, employees participate in a training session which includes a detailed product demo and understanding of their role in building company’s social branding.

Saviynt identified two admins for MarketBeam who were trained and ready to execute their new social media plan within a week. In parallel, the executive team, including the CEO, were the first employees to adopt the MarketBeam platform. Within a short period of time, all employees were trained and using MarketBeam. The team realized immediate results!

On an ongoing basis, auto-share feature engages all staff on the platform and MarketBeam is able to ensure that each pos is approved by senior staff before it is published via their social networks. Saviynt employees around the world have embraced MarketBeam. Members of the executive team, sales, operations and engineering are now actively engaged in promoting the company across their social networks.

“What really drew us to MarketBeam was the auto share feature, allowing employees to pre-approve all content and share posts automatically when they get published. We knew that this auto share feature would be super helpful for our sales team”

Paul Plaza, Marketing & Business Development

Insight into engagement of each product line

Saviynt offers its clients multiple product lines and target markets. Only MarketBeam has the ability to manage digital engagement for separate product lines.

Although LinkedIn was the main social channel for Saviynt, once MarketBeam was embedded in the business, Twitter was also added to the strategy. This led to an almost instant doubling of social media driven traffic to the Saviynt website.

● LinkedIn followers are increasing by 300% every month

● Engagement is growing at a pace which is equivalent to a much larger major competitor

● The first webinar delivered after MarketBeam deployment was the most successful on record with the highest ever number of registration

As a platform which is simple to implement, feature rich and affordable to operate, MarketBeam has exceeded Saviynt’s expectations and enabled the team to outperform their marketing objectives, having a measurable impact on the firm’s continued growth.

“We deployed MarketBeam around July 2019 and you can see the hockey stick growth clearly!”

Paul Plaza, Marketing & Business Development

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