Customer Story: Securonix

Since its founding in 2007, Securonix, has redefined the next generation of cyber-threat detection using the power of machine learning and big data. Their purpose-built security analytics solution uses machine learning to detect the most advanced insider threats, cyber threats, and fraud activities in real time, including threat-hunting and automated incident response. Globally, customers use Securonix to address insider threats, cyber threats, cloud security, fraud, and application security monitoring requirements. Securonix is headquartered in Addison, Texas and has offices in California and India.

The Problem

Securonix’s marketing team spent hours on creating and sharing daily posts across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Selecting the appropriate platform and identifying their audiences’ preferred content type among case studies, videos, infographics, and whitepapers was difficult without a centralized view of analytics across all social media platforms. Frustrated with inefficient and time-consuming processes and disappointed with a lack of engagement on social media despite tremendous resource investment led Securonix’s marketing team to believe there must be a better way to do this.

The Solution

Determined to find a marketing automation tool that could manage multi-channel posting, Securonix’s marketing team discovered MarketBeam. Securonix developed a robust social media strategy with a lean marketing team and is able to execute their strategy with MarketBeam as the platform that is central to their marketing strategy.

Increase in Engagement


Employee Adoption


Increase in Social Ready

How MarketBeam Helped

MarketBeam is the platform driving Securonix’s social marketing strategy, helping them to differentiate themselves against competitors. Now sales, marketing, and executives are active participants in social sharing. Historically it has been marketing’s responsibility to raise awareness about Securonix’s offerings and educate prospects. Securonix has gained the followed benefits from using MarketBeam: amplified social reach, boosted marketing efficiency, and informed marketing decision making with comprehensive analytics.

Amplify reach by engaging sales, marketing, and executives’ social networks

Prior to MarketBeam, only 3 employees shared company content on social media resulting in limited reach and content was viewed primarily by Securonix’ corporate channel followers. After weeks of deploying MarketBeam, Securonix achieved 70% adoption rate across sales, marketing, executives who share content on a weekly basis. With MarketBeam, the marketing team knows that engagement comes predominantly from Twitter and LinkedIn. In just weeks of using MarketBeam their social reach increased dramatically, and engagement increased by over 150%!

Securonix uses MarketBeam to leverage their executive teams’ credibility and breadth of their social networks as knowledge experts in their respective fields. Tanuj Gulati, Securonix’s founder and CTO has been sharing content regularly with his network with the help of MarketBeam.

Securonix’s sales team was quickly onboarded to MarketBeam and instantly began sharing social posts regularly. Abhinav Dhiman, Associate Manager, Digital Marketing at Securonix shared, “Every month I share the top influencers report with our sales team and they get excited to see their name in the top 10 results. They have also started to ask me how to improve the results and make a bigger impact on social. This shows that they have started to realize the power of social thought leadership.”

Upon sharing the monthly leaderboard results, sales team members inquired about the following:

  • How do I connect other social media channels?
  • How do I use MarketBeam more frequently?
  • How do I increase engagement with my social posts?Clearly Securonix’s sales team is looking at their individual dashboards. They are chomping at the bit for ways to improve engagement with their social posts that ultimately drive more business to Securonix.


“Every month I share the top influencers report with our sales team and they get excited to see their name in the top 10 results. They have also started to ask me how to improve the results and make a bigger impact on social. This shows that they have started to realize the power of social thought leadership.” – Abhinav Dhiman, Digital Marketing, Securonix

Boost efficiency with a one-stop shop marketing solution

With an experienced marketing team, Securonix was well informed of many social media management and social marketing tools available such as Buffer and Hootsuite, however no other solution executed their social marketing strategy quite like MarketBeam. MarketBeam’s differentiating factor is its ability to not only create and publish social media posts, but to activate employees and leverage their networks too. To participate, employees choose to receive an email notification or auto-share when a new post is available, allowing the team to share content directly with their social network.

From a marketer’s perspective, Dhiman says, “MarketBeam’s tool is easy to use and it’s easy to connect corporate channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The help section was very useful and the videos were helpful in the setup process.”

Securonix regularly participates in various conferences throughout the year. During conferences, Securonix schedules 1 to 2 posts per day via corporate channels. However, at their recent attendance at RSA’s conference, MarketBeam was in place and practically their entire sales team was engaged. Securonix shared 3 to 4 pieces of content daily on corporate channels that was further amplified by their sales teams’ network.


Comprehensive dashboard analytics inform marketing decisions

Dhiman was able to see tangible results with MarketBeam’s social marketing platform. Previously Securonix posted primarily on LinkedIn using paid campaigns but after using MarketBeam for 2 months they observed that their best engaging channel is Twitter and previously they were not as active on that social platform. Now 64% of click-throughs are through Twitter! Before implementing MarketBeam, Securonix’s posts from their LinkedIn page received an average of 30 click-throughs per post. But now, the same posts yield over 500 click- throughs, a 15X increase! Securonix has also received an uptick in the number of demo requests and whitepaper downloads.

With a comprehensive view of social activities across corporate channels and employee amplified content, Securonix can see which channels and what content types receive the most engagement. With access to data at his fingertips, Dhiman was able to see the correlation between videos that were not performing well due to being too lengthy. Additionally, a recent infographic post received over 450 click-throughs and roughly 10,000 impressions, which is Securonix’s audiences’ most engaging content type. With the data in hand, his team is planning to build more infographics to continue to deliver content that their audience desires.


Previously we used LinkedIn posts and paid campaigns a lot and thought that’s where most of our traffic was coming from. After using MarketBeam for 2 months, we noticed our best engaging channel is Twitter and previously we weren’t as active on that channel. Now, 64% of click-throughs per post come from Twitter. MarketBeam is the one platform where you can share your content and create a team, so it’s the best platform for social media.” – Abhinav Dhiman, Digital Marketing, Securonix

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