How to Effectively Create and Manage LinkedIn Page for a Business

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Over 3 Million companies use LinkedIn to showcase their business. All these companies have individual LinkedIn Pages. Sometimes, there are multiple pages to cover various areas of the business. 260 Million active users are consuming business information each month. So, this is a great avenue to reach the right audience for any business.

In this article, I write about how to create a LinkedIn page and also manage it going forward.


1. Have a Business Email Address

If you are a new business, make sure you have a company email address created before you add your LinkedIn Page. LinkedIn unlike other social networks, require business emails to verify if you truly own or represent the business.


2. Complete the Company Profile

Make sure you add all the information required to complete Company Profile. Keep company descriptions short and crisp but make sure you use all the right keywords. This helps rank high on LinkedIn searches.

I like Bank Of America’s profile page. It is such a large business with various products and services to showcase, but its LinkedIn Page description is very short and crisp.


3. Make sure company logo and background image confined to the latest standard

See latest logo requirements. 


4. Invite Your Network

Start building Page Followers by inviting everyone from your network to follow the page. More importantly, let your colleagues know about the page and ask them to follow. The next step is to ask them to re-share and like posts on a continuous basis to reach large set of audience.

MarketBeam helps you understand your audience by analyzing

a) Content resonation

b) Most active times on LinkedIn

c) Content-Type preference. For example, whether your users like videos or  short articles or long articles etc.

d) Audience location on the map


5. Create a Showcase Page

If your business has multiple product lines or business target audiences, you can create ShowCase Pages addressing each category. This is equivalent to a landing page for your website for a different set of audiences.

I like how Cisco has created a few ShowCase pages for different business units. Those pages are geared towards different set of audiences.

Note that LinkedIn search lists out the main LinkedIn Page and Showcase Pages. So, don’t create too many that confuse your audience.


6. Promote Posts

Reaching new audience and building followers should be the first goal of the LinkedIn business page. Posting valuable content on a cadence of at least 2-3 posts per week should start attracting the right audience.

Make sure to invite your colleagues and anyone that works with your company to the page. Also, make sure you ask them to share your posts directly on their social networks. MarketBeam makes is absolutely easy for anyone to re-share company posts with a single click from their own inbox.

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7. Cross-Promote Posts

Share the URL of the LinkedIn business page you created on the description section of Twitter, Facebook and any other social networking pages you have. This is the best way to cross-pollinate your audience for further reach and deeper engagement with them.


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