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Activate employees on social media to build thought leadership, increase corporate social media reach and elevate authentic branding.

MarketBeam’s platform is the leading social platform used for employee advocacy, social selling, and employee branding.

Provide employees with the recognition they deserve when they achieve the best results.

Streamline content distribution and sharing

Distribute approved and ready-to-share content to all employees. Save employee-publishing time by 90% with one-click sharing technology.

Empower employees to willingly promote the brand

Create relevant content and give your employees a simplified way of sharing curated content and build thought leadership.

Encourage employees to add value and unique voice to posts

Employees can customize and personalize posts to ensure the content gels well with their social networks. 84% consumers trust recommendations from their networks.

Expand brand to reach previous untapped audience

Tap your workforce to participate in social media marketing to connect your brand with varied audiences. Access wider, broader audience through top influencer accounts.

Let employees access their own engagement dashboard

Provide access to MarketBeam’s user dashboard for each employee to track and monitor their own social media success.

MarketBeam – A Complete Employee Advocacy Software Solution

What exactly is employee advocacy? How does one create a social media employee advocacy program for their business? It’s time to look for employee advocacy platform tools.

It goes without saying that the success of every organization depends on its workforce. You might have yet to learn of the strength of that backbone, though. Look no further than your employee advocates when hiring candidates, building your brand on social media, or developing your ideal workplace culture.

Employee advocacy is currently the hottest trend in marketing. It’s an awareness technique that can no longer be disregarded. In fact, Gartner predicted that by 2023, 90% of B2B companies would incorporate employee advocacy into their marketing plans. Thus, you will need employee advocacy platform tools to scale this and achieve the best results.


Employee Brand Advocacy: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Employee advocacy is the publicity of a company by its employees. It comes in a variety of forms, both offline and online. However, the most popular and efficient channel is social employee advocacy marketing. This employee content sharing on their social media accounts constitutes social media advocacy. Everything from job listings (and other tools for job seekers), blog posts, sources for the industry, and new product launches. Employee advocacy, however, can also be unique content that provides a window into your business culture.

Social media advocacy tools could be an Instagram post showcasing the lunch you brought last Friday, a noteworthy occasion or a typical workday scene. All of these initiatives can improve the perception of your company among current customers and prospective employees. According to a recent study, there are three main ways that employee advocacy benefits businesses:


  • Due to elevated brand awareness and favorable perceptions, it has a favorable impact on sales (“brand sentiment”).
  • Builds thought leadership in the industry
  • Everyday outreach to new audiences through employees own networks build a strong community
  • It enhances employee engagement, retention, and recruitment.

Other Use Cases

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