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by | Jun 28, 2022 | Social Media Strategy

As businesses adopt tools to ease their work, social media publishing and amplification platforms like MarketBeam and EveryoneSocial prevail this year across channels. It’s a good chance that your company is already on social media, but are you doing it right? It might be time to take a closer look at your social amplification and employee advocacy program.

MarketBeam and EveryoneSocial are comparable social media publishing and amplification platforms. They offer affordable plans for small and medium-sized businesses, but each program has its own unique features. Though both are targeted at small and medium-sized businesses, they are not the same. Here’s a breakdown of what each tool has to offer.

What is MarketBeam?

Founded in 2018, MarketBeam, a leading EveryoneSocial alternative, is a social media publishing, amplifying, and monitoring to companies in highly regulated environments, such as technology, cybersecurity, life sciences, financial, and health services. 

With MarketBeam’s quick start package, enterprises can realize the power of complete social publishing and employee advocacy, helping them to increase organic followers, drive traffic, and engage prospects. 

How does MarketBeam work?

With MarketBeam, marketers can create and share content on autopilot as a result of artificial intelligence. With the simple 3 step process – Publish, Amplify, Analyze – you can reach up to 10X more audiences and increase organic reach without overhauling your current martech stack.  

You can manage and publish social media content with confidence if MarketBeam will include regulatory compliance from FDA, FINRA, and FDIC. 

What is EveryoneSocial?

Everyone Social is a mobile-first social selling and employee advocacy platform for businesses that wish to empower employees to become effective marketers, sellers, and recruiters. By supporting a workforce with an engaging way to receive relevant company news, articles, video, images, documents, and other assets, EveryoneSocial then allows those materials to be shared via employees’ own personal and professional social networks. This promotion across popular channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ not only aids internal/external corporate communications but also organically builds a personal and professional brand within target online communities.

Promising a personalized employee experience that can be white-labeled to adopt a custom brand identity, EveryoneSocial also offers gamification features such as leaderboards to encourage a healthy level of competitiveness. The online administrator UI is supported by a native mobile app for iOS and Android users, which provides on-the-fly access to the platform’s analytical reporting capabilities.

How does EverySocial work?

Founded in 2009, EveryoneSocial solves this challenge by providing enterprises with a platform dedicated to making teams active on social media platforms. 

Essentially, any senior executive could use the platform to share relevant content – from company blog posts and press releases to third-party posts – with the rest of the company employees. The team members would then see the content on an internal timeline (a part of EveryoneSocial’s web/mobile app) and simply click on it to share it on their respective social media profiles. This ensures that the content in question, which has already been reviewed and approved, goes out through tens of thousands, maybe even millions, of accounts on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook, driving the impressions, clicks, and engagement the company needs. For employees, it improves their social reach and visibility.

EveryoneSocial also provides marketers (or anyone handling digital engagement) an option to include the caption in the shareable post – leaving just the task of sharing or scheduling to the employees. However, it must be noted that employees can edit the caption or suggest their own post for social promotion if they wish to do so. 

Side-by-side comparison of MarketBeam Vs EveryoneSocial

Employee Advocacy X
Analytics X
Content review & approval ?
User Groups
Video Posts
LinkedIn Campaigns – likes and reshares (social drip)
Twitter X
Facebook X
Instagram X
Xing X
Slack X
MS Teams X
Veeva PromoMats
Mobile App X
One-Click share
Support via chat X
Executive Social Media Management
Social Monitoring
Social Drip



The two systems have essentially comparable publication capabilities. You may construct a social media post, pick which account it comes from, attach images, shorten links, and publish or schedule the material from the main feed dashboard. The solutions have a draft that allows you to save posts until you’re ready to publish them and come back to them later.


MarketBeam, the EveryoneSocial alternative, has handled some of the most prevalent publishing challenges, in addition to the basic capabilities of publishing social network information.

  • Bulk schedule up to 50 posts by uploading a CSV file
  • Native video upload up to 100MB file sizes
  • Tagging of individuals on LinkedIn 

You may track campaign ROI by setting up UTM parameters before publishing and automating social media post-production via RSS feed.


EveryoneSocial enables your people to share anything, anywhere, to anyone, via any channel, period. With a single click, your people can distribute content to all of their most important social media channels.

EveryoneSocial allows users to create their own content and they can add feeds and blogs that interest them too. Content can be controlled by blacklisting or marking certain items as ‘read-only’ so that they can’t be shared if it is inappropriate for the company’s image. Approved content can be tagged for importance so that users know which content to focus on and feature such as scheduling allows for posts to be pre-scheduled to post at preferred times.

Shareable content can be shared as-is from the platform or modified by users as they wish. The whole point is to make content curation a zero-hassle task, where you can source, review, and publish content for all your people in just a few minutes.


The most prevalent kinds of collaboration in social media management are permission settings and publication approval rules.


It’s easy to maintain because there are just two roles: 1) Admin and 2) User.

  • Social media calendars are collaborated on by admins
  • Process for reviewing and approving content 
  • Collaboration between agencies


EveryoneaSocial promotes a healthy competition among the employees to encourage them in maximizing their participation in employee advocacy. It provides a dynamic ranking that rewards teamwork, not just individuals. You have complete control over scoring and you can customize your leaderboards so individual wins dovetail with team goals. You can reward both internal platform usage, like submitting content or inviting co-workers, and external actions like sharing posts that drive clicks.

Every person who competes in a leaderboard has a dashboard that displays their rank, change, and accumulated points. You can create leaderboards for each team! You can have as many or as few as you’d like; after all, people who work together like to compete together.



Social media posts are amplified through MarketBeam employees as the company’s core value. 

  • A system based on artificial intelligence automatically publishes posts at predetermined times. 
  • Social-Drip functionality emulates human behavior to drive maximum engagement for each post. 
  • Users can receive notifications on Slack or via email when they want to share a post with one click. 
  • An executive amplification of social media strategy 


EveryoneSocial enables your people to share anything, anywhere, to anyone, via any channel, period. With a single click, you can connect your whole network and make your people distribute content to all of their most important social media channels. You can also optimize content for maximum impact by providing suggested share copy or hashtags. You can also send your people a notification, and pin posts to the top of their feed to ensure visibility.

You can also use their top-notch integrations to bring sharing to where your people already are! Allow them to share directly from Slack and Teams, with all the benefits of EveryoneSocial.

You can also go viral with their engagement feature. If you have an existing social post you want your people to promote, you can simply create an “engage” post in EveryoneSocial and you’re good to go.



MarketBeam, the EveryoneSocial alternative, provides actionable insights into key KPIs through a single dashboard. It allows you to track engagement, shares, and click-throughs while also identifying your company’s most engaging social channels. The technology also aids in the differentiation of top-performing influencers and the traffic they create.

Access, monitor, and measure employee and corporate page activity, as well as compare top-performing pages. The various integrated insights form a feedback loop, providing flexible inputs to improve your content and social media marketing approach.
Determine the value of branded material obtained via social media. Measure non-paid, organic, and long-term followers who add value to the brand on a daily basis.


EveryoneSocial provides you visibility across every angle of your program, from macro to micro. It helps you understand internal and external activity by analyzing how engaged your people are, what they’re sharing, and how many clicks they’re driving.

It allows you to track the visibility down to the individual share. You can zoom in on the performance of an individual user, post, or share to understand what’s really working and where the magic is happening.

Not just this but all of the data within your EveryoneSocial account is available for export and ready for ingestion into your data stack.

Integrations and extras

MarketBeam integrate with all the essential platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Slack, Salesforce, ​​Veeva Vault PromoMats, and LinkedIn, helping you with different aspects of your social media management.

EveryoneSocial integrates with the business systems and applications like Adobe Analytics, Bitly, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Instagram, LinkedIn and more similar.

Pricing models

MarketBeam, the EveryoneSocial alternative,  offers three pricing tiers to help you find the right option for your business. The lowest tier only allows one user and is great for small businesses. The base plan lets you schedule multiple posts in advance for up to 25 users, offers access to free app integrations, and has a social inbox to respond to customers. At the top two tiers, you also get access to special add-ons, like employee amplification and ad campaign management.

EveryoneSocial’s pricing is entirely customized. While it is SaaS, they don’t offer predefined plans or tiers of functionality. Pricing is primarily determined by the size of your organization—i.e. how many licenses/seats you need—though it’s possible to customize available features, as well.

Their customers tend to be on the medium to large side, though that may say more about what the software does rather than how much it costs. Companies like Dell, Adobe, American Family Insurance, ADP, Mattress Firm, and Electronic Arts, on the other hand, very much rely on EveryoneSocial to keep their employees engaged.

Which should you choose?

MarketBeam scales from startups to mid-market and enterprises. Whereas, EveryoneSocial is more geared towards enterprise alone. 

MarketBeam can be your partner working with you closely to support you on both the technical roadmap end and on guiding marketing teams with social media intel. 

Comparing MarketBeam vs EveryoneSocial is difficult because they both provide a lot to customers. MarketBeam offers a demo, and EveryoneSocial offers limited access to free tools. See if you like the interface, how your feeds move through the dashboards, and how your analytics work.

You may like the way that EveryoneSocial helps your team collaborate, and you don’t really need the intense analytics that MarketBeam offers. Or perhaps you run a small team (or one-person operation) and don’t need the collaboration tools as much as you need to report to outside parties.

Whatever your needs, you can compare MarketBeam vs. EveryoneSocial and a lot of other social media publishing and amplification solutions by visiting our product selection tool.

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