Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is MarketBeam?

MarketBeam is a highly regulated, secure, and compliant social amplification platform that provides social media publishing and employee advocacy solutions to organizations and agencies of all sizes for effective social marketing, increasing brand reach, and real-time data analysis. This integrated platform allows organizations to publish content, amplify brand reach and track every social media metric, cutting down social media publishing and managing time by 90%.

2. What are the benefits of using MarketBeam?

MarketBeam gives your organization the ability to optimize your social media management and marketing through employee advocacy. Using our integrated platform, you can grow your organization’s social media reach multifold by making your employees social advocates of your brand. This also helps increase employee engagement and make employees feel valued.

MarketBeam streamlines and automates the process of planning, composing and publishing social posts. It also increases efficiency in content collaboration, review and publishing with a seamless workflow. MarketBeam also integrates data from multiple sources to create actionable insights in real-time.

3. How do I request a demo of MarketBeam?

If you’re interested in getting a personalized overview of our social media amplification tool, you can schedule a Demo by clicking here.

4. Can I get a quote?

Yes, you can. You can either request it from the pricing page or or try the demo after which our team will contact you to schedule a quote consultation.

5. Where can I find customer feedback for MarketBeam?

We have an impressive record of customers who are extremely satisfied with the features and functions of our social media amplification platform. You can check out their feedback by clicking here.

6. What features does MarketBeam Offer?

MarketBeam’s integrated tool is a product of extensive research and development and constant improvements. Accordingly, it is equipped with a wide range of features to help users in their social media campaign and employee advocacy. To learn about the major features of MarketBeam, you can sign up for our personalized demo to have a walk through of what makes the platform unique.

7. What data can I get with MarketBeam analytics?

MarketBeam allows you to measure and analyze your social media marketing and gain real-time actionable insights. To get an overview of the analytics the tool provides, visit here.

8. Can I create social media reports with MarketBeam?

Yes, MarketBeam has the ability to track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns across published media and traffic sources, presented in a user-friendly dashboard. You can use these features to create social media reports.

9. What social networks does MarketBeam integrate with?

MarketBeam streamline social marketing by bringing your team, tools, and data together at one central place. To learn more about the technologies MarketBeam Integrates with, check out our integrations page here.

10. Where can I find a MarketBeam tutorial?

In addition to a multitude of tutorials and resources to familiarize you with MarketBeam, we also provide ultra-efficient technical support if you ever need help operating our social media management tool. You can also get a firsthand experience of the user friendliness of MarketBeam by signing up for a personalized demo here.

11. Does MarketBeam integrate with Slack?

Yes. MarketBeam is deeply integrated with Slack in order to notify employees with social posts in real-time. Employees can click on a ‘Share’ button and share social media posts right from the Slack message without having to login to the MarketBeam app or social networks.

12. Does MarketBeam integrate with HubSpot?

Yes. MarketBeam can track and identify leads that are interacting with your brand, pull the leads to update HubSpot CRM.