Financial services

An optimized social amplification platform tailored specifically to the needs of the finance industry.

MarketBeam helps companies be compliant with regulations like FINRA

Unleash the power of employee advocacy for financial services with MarketBeam’s safe and compliant social media marketing. See how MarketBeam is helping financial enterprises leverage social media while managing risks and complying with regulations.


Boost brand visibility  –  Expand organic reach – Grow and nurture leads

More clickthroughs from each social post

More website traffic from LinkedIn

Increase in LinkedIn followers

Increase Event Attendance

One secure, consolidated platform to manage risks and drive more revenue

Mitigate regulatory risks in social media

Avoid risks with pre and post publishing reviews, audit trails, real time alerts, tiered approvals and archiving. MarketBeam integrates regulatory review process with social media publishing and amplification. This enables you being compliant with industry regulations including FINRA & SEC.

Educate audience without compromising regulatory guidelines

Enable employees, financial advisors, agents and affiliates on social media. Automate the process of providing relevant and compliant social media posts so they can educate and nurture leads.

Track leads effectively

Track the source and medium of leads and clickthroughs. UTM parameters help measure and reward agents for the leads they generate


  • Increase personalized amplification
  • Build thought leadership and elevate brand
  • Nurture leads
  • Analyze real-time campaign results
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Understand the speed of finance

Volatility and fast movement are two inherent characteristics of the finance industry.

Financial audience are social media savvy and expect brands to engage and educate them. MarketBeam helps you keep up with the industry pace. Maximize reaching relevant targets, building pipeline, nurture and drive revenue.

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