How to Create and Kickstart Facebook Page

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It has always been asked by several businesses question whether Facebook Page brings any value to a B2B business. My answer is Yes, it does. First of all, Facebook is still the biggest social network with over a billion users. And, Facebook is much more popular than other networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest in geographies like Asia, South America, and the Middle East. So, make sure to have a Facebook page for your business whether your business is B2B or consumer.

I have listed a few tips to make a Facebook page stand out and attract the audience.

1. Upload pictures and logos with the right dimensions

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Right image size for logo or profile picture is 160 X 160px. This should be the same for mobile and web consumption.

2. Make a broader choice on ‘Preferred Page Audience’

When you create a page, you get to choose Preferred Page Audience. Make sure you choose the widest possible audience even if you are a local business. Do not restrict your reach. It brings in more traffic and helps brand awareness.

3. Cross pollinate audience on ‘About’ page

The business description should be very clear and crisp. Make sure the description is consistent across other social networks too. To increase cross-platform audience, add other social network links here. For example, Sephora adds Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and other links along with the website URL.

4. Add Call to Action

MailChimp suggests not to use phrases like ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Buy/Shop Now’ which gets lower traction. These phrases sound aggressive for a first-time visitor to your page. However, there should be educational and less aggressive Call To Actions (CTA) like ‘Watch Video’, ‘User App (Trial)’, ‘Play Game’ that intrigues their interest.

5. Invite your network

Once the page is created, post at least 10 times and then start inviting your own network to the page. There are other sets of the audience like MailChimp list, Gmail contacts, and others.

6. 10X Amplify reach through advocates

Utilize social networks of employees, partners and customers of the business to amplify every post’s reach. Ask them to re-share what’s been shared on the Facebook page with their own friends.

MarketBeam has made it very simple for any business to automate this amplification. Participation requires no extra effort. When a marketer publishes a post on Facebook Page, automatically all employees and partners get a notification. With a single click they will be able to share content on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other social networks.


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