How to Educate Yourself to Run Successful Social Media Campaigns

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As easy as it might sound, running social media campaigns can be challenging. You have to be abreast of latest and trending topics in your industry, which requires lots of work, time, and other resources. However, as a social marketer, you have to equip yourself with the fact that you do not necessarily have to search for inspiration.

Here are helpful tips to make social media campaign easier for you:

Subscribe to relevant newsletters for inspiration and new tactics

Every social marketer knows how important and valuable research is. This is one of the tools you need in your arsenal to stay informed of trends in the industry.

One old way to get information is making research to know what is currently happening and trending in the industry. While this is effective, it is stressful and time-consuming. Signing up for newsletters has come to gradually replace the old method of endless searching of the internet.

With newsletters, you are informed of what is going on in the industry, such as changes in technology and updates to social networks. Consider adding these newsletters to your resources to see a turnaround in your creativity:

Social Media Examiner: this will help you with strategies to connect with customers using social media, drive traffic, make your brand known to potential customers, and let you make sales. In their newsletter, you will receive articles on the latest research in the industry.

Social Fresh: this is another newsletter to subscribe to. Their focus is to keep you informed of future trends. Subscribing to their newsletter lets them send you articles, courses, and research to boost your creative content.

MarketingProfs: This focuses on helping social media marketers with the required marketing tools by sending articles, having online seminars, and engaging you in discussion forums. With all these, you can know which area you are lagging in and how to improve.

Other newsletters you can subscribe to and Social Media Today.

Social Listening – Listen before strategy building

Social Listening

To succeed as a social marketer, one tool you will not want to miss is social listening. This is important for you to come up with content that is specific to your target audience. They will help you discover particular topics that will catch your audience interest.

With social listening, you can close the gap between you and big brands in the industry. This is because social listening lets you know identify emerging trends that you can create a campaign around before big brands do so.

The brainstorming helps you know what your audience needs and enables you to meet their needs by creating interesting campaigns around those topics. This will announce your brands to your niche audience before big names in the industry come out with their campaigns.


Attend relevant webinars and e-meetups

Live Webinars are another best way to meet with fellow marketers. Attend relevant webinars and online meetups to share and learn about strategies and tactics that work for them.

On-demand Webinars should not be neglected. It provides the same level of knowledge. Usually, all marketers wear many hats and busy throughout the day. Recorded, on-demand webinars are the best way learn when you want to learn. is a good source for many types of knowledge based content.


Join Forums and Social Media Groups

Joining forums is another approach to identifying topics gaining much attention online.

Quora is an effective and resourceful forum to provide you with topics that will captivate the attention of your audience. You can search for trending topics on Quora. Also, you can ask questions and converse with others in your industry.

Generally, forums are great platforms to know which questions people are seeking answers to and let you provide content around those questions.

Find and Join right LinkedIn Groups in order to connect with people that are solving similar problems as you are. Collective knowledge is always powerful.


Review competitor strategies

There are times when you are void of ideas on which topic to create campaigns on. In this situation, turning to your competitors is a great strategy to build creative content. Your brand and competitors in the same industry will most probably targeting similar audiences. Watch their strategic moves, don’t plagiarize but, get inspired.

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