Social media publishing with compliance

MarketBeam + Veeva Vault PromoMats

MarketBeam is integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats to eliminate risks by ensuring that the content has completed the required review process prior to being published on social media channels

We are the only social media publishing and amplification platform designed for the needs of Pharma, Biotech, and Life Sciences.

Optimize social media publishing workflow

Today, many pharma and biotech companies have processes that are manual and inefficient. With MarketBeam, you can streamline the process of creating social media posts, gaining Medical, Legal & Regulatory (MLR) approvals and publishing content to social networks using a single integrated workflow. This expedites the process and reduces resources, while maintaining control and minimizing risk.

Enable Compliant Employee Activation

Eliminate social media risks by proactively providing employees with a fun and easy way to share compliant company-generated social media content. MarketBeam is specifically designed to effectively enable social amplification while protecting your company, brands, and employees.

Real-time Social Media Insights

Social media campaign insights inform content strategy and enable administrators to react to social trends in a timely and efficient manner.


Create compliant social post

Create social media posts instantly by choosing already approved images in Veeva Vault PromoMats.

Publish social content

Approved content automatically gets published to corporate social channels and gets amplified through employee social networks.

Get MLR approval

MarketBeam kicks off a Medical, Legal & Regulatory (MLR) review process and submission of FDA Form 2253 (if required) in Veeva Vault PromoMats.

Measure real-time social media insights

Deep Social Media analytics constantly create actionable recommendations to maximize social reach and engagement.

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