Plan, curate, publish and collaborate your content with a simple click


“After we deployed MarketBeam, we saw a clear hockey stick growth of LinkedIn followers!”

Paul Plaza,


Simplify the process of publishing

Social media calendar

Be future-ready by scheduling your posts in advance for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more to maintain the content pipeline. An unlimited number of posts can be scheduled to a queue.

Write custom posts for executives

Create custom posts for influencers and executives instantly from the same Publish page.

Integrated Employee Advocacy

Publish content to corporate pages and amplify through employees in a single workflow

LinkedIn Company and employee tagging

Proprietary feature that tags companies and individual employees on LinkedIn posts directly from MarketBeam’s platform.

Get content approved

Submit for approval and track status before content publishing.


AI-powered amplification that matches the right content with the right employee-ambassador to gain the highest reach and engagement.

Understanding Social Media


Measure Earned Media Value and get actionable insights derived from analytical data. Get all your social media marketing analytics in the integrated dashboard.


Track the source and medium of your leads and attribute each lead accordingly. MarketBeam tracks every click generated by all social media posts and maps it to the individual employee that generated it.

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