A robust architecture designed to ensure compliant social media amplification that abides by industry regulations.

Maintain 360-degree security and compliance with MarketBeam’s robust architecture. Implement employee advocacy without putting company data at risk.

  • Complete control over the content, messaging, and social media distribution 
  • Allow employees to handle top executive and influencer accounts without sharing sensitive information like passwords and security keys.
  • Proactively activate employees on social media with training and compliant tools 
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for all employees to confidently share social media content


MarketBeam is fully GDPR compliant as both a data collector and data processor of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Secure Credential Storage and Social Media Data

Account passwords are securely encrypted and stored. No social media passwords or any user information is stored in the database other than social media handles. No staff can recover passwords or stored social media handles.

Data Retention Policy

Data records are preserved for a period of three years, with first two years in an easily accessible place. This meets the compliance requirements including FINRA, FDA and NIST.

Email Signing

MarketBeam implements SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) to ensure emails we send are authenticated as coming from MarketBeam, helping to avoid spoofing, phishing and ensure authenticity.

Approval Workflows and Administrative Control

Administrators are authorized to control user access and social media participation on MarketBeam. This centralized control is limited via the User Interface only.

Official Social Media Partnerships

MarketBeam is recognized as an official partner of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. MarketBeam strictly follows API guidelines and best practices from these social media companies.

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