Seize the Power of Social Media with the concept of Social Drip

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Social Media Strategy

Seasoned Marketers who have been in the social media realm know social media is not about “Post as much as you can, and whenever you can”.

Every social post schedule has a science and strategic planning for every content on your feed. And, with different algorithms in channels, there are two problems-

How long would your post be seen before they just scooch deep into the social metaverse? Or, what is the recent algorithm of the social media channels?

Luckily, MarketBeam has introduced a new concept- Social Drip for all the social media enthusiasts to harness and magnify their reach! 

Let’s learn more about it!

Social Media in Marketing and Sales

Both marketing and sales have evolved over the years – in the manner how they individually run as well as how they support each other. 

Responsibilities of marketers have escalated- from brand awareness, educating the target market, and generating top-of-the-funnel MQLs to self-education and evaluation of tools. This is because content consumption has increased on search engines and social networks.

Also, the brands need to be present on social media channels at the right time for their prospects. As a result, social media is no more an awareness-generating platform, in fact, it is used as a sales nurturing tool. Especially, the long sales cycle for a persistent follow-up becomes a deterrent to closing the sale. 

Challenges of Organic Social Reach

Massive organic social reach is an unattainable goal for many marketers. Even after the best scheduling and strategic planning, the posts can stop showing activity. The two major problems of organic social reach are:

Limited Lifespan

Lifespan refers to the time spent by the prospects on the content or social post. Often, the time to create the content is higher than the lifespan of the content itself. Sometimes, even shorter time for a true impact on the overall social growth.

Once you post the content on your social media channels, it will have its own lifespan. Based on the varying social media algorithms, the lifespan varies. 

For example, research shows that the lifespan of social content can be very short, from instant degradation on TikTok to 6 hours on Facebook and 48 hours on Instagram. Twitter is just 15 to 18 minutes while LinkedIn is 24 hours if there is engagement on the post shortly after posting. For every post that engages the interest of followers, there will be hundreds (or even thousands) that are missed.

This shows that posting the content is only the first step, it needs to be nurtured for engagement too.

Unknown Social Algorithms

Every few months social media channels change or upgrade their algorithm. It helps determine whose feed should have what content. Further, it leads to identifying the potential reach with a slight control on distribution results.

According to MarketBeam research on real-world data, if social posts generate engagement immediately after posting them, the algorithms of the social media channels consider them share-worthy.

This means that the social post will be distributed more across respective followers, as the following:

  • Followers of the similar hashtags
  • Followers of the people or companies tagged
  • Followers of the company publishing the post

The stipulation is here that reaching a larger audience depends on the initial engagement of the post.

Introducing Social Drip

Social Drip is a proprietary functionality built by MarketBeam, that drips social media posts to audiences during a preset period. It solves the biggest challenge of short-lived content on social media, maximizing reach and boosting content engagement.

With Social Drip, brands can stay on top of the minds of the prospects and bring about action without harming the brand-prospect relationship.

How does Social Drip it?

Leveraging the Right Social Network

Social Drip by MarketBeam embeds in the Employee Advocacy product. Employee Advocacy utilizes networks of employees to amplify the brand content. Simultaneously, it builds thought leadership and generates and nurtures organic leads. 

The employees connect their social media profiles (LinkedIn and Twitter) to MarketBeam. As the social team creates quality social media posts, the employees can share the content with their networks through the automated Social Drip.

This enhances the distribution and reach of the social content with the combined networks of employees, slightly higher than the brand’s followers. 

Drip during Social Hours

In order to get the best out of the social post, share it progressively over a period of time. The social content owner at MarketBeam determines the right social media business hours for the Social Drip. 

The most commonly chosen window is 8 am to 8 pm when audiences are most active on social channels. The same reason why some businesses start at 6 AM till 10 pm for outreaching to potential reach.

Work with Hashtags

Only when the content performs better in its initial 2 hours, the post continues to live on the social network drawing in more traffic. Choose the appropriate hashtags for the followers to resonate with your post.

Social Drip helps guarantee engagement from employees of the business. And, this initial engagement takes the content in front of the followers of the hashtags. Remember, without the initial engagement, the hashtags add no value!

Final Thoughts

Every social networking platform is unique, and you need to be on your toes to make the most out of each! Understand the lifecycle of postings for developing ideal marketing strategies and boosting engagement. Leverage Social Drip to let your post last long on social media and attract amplified followers and you will be able to bring in more exposure and grow your social media following.

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