Social Media Platform for Veeva

MLR Approval | GDPR Compliant | FDA Form 2253 | Official Veeva PartnerĀ 

Veeva customers trust MarketBeam for their social media marketing needs

MarketBeam is the first and only social amplification platform for Pharma which is fully integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats.

A simple two-step social media publishing process for Veeva users:

  • Posts are created in MarketBeam and scheduled for publishing. A PDF preview of the actual social media posts is automatically created and uploaded to Veeva Vault PromoMats.
  • Once the review team approves the posts, they are set to pending in MarketBeam. On the day the posts are scheduled to go live, MarketBeam will automatically publish this content.

Employees get a fun and easy way to share compliant company-generated social media content. Medical, Legal & Regulatory (MLR) review process and submission of FDA Form 2253 (if required) in Veeva Vault PromoMats.

Request our data sheet to explore how you could transform the social media journey directly from Veeva.

Compliant Social Media Platform for Pharma

MLR Approval | GDPR Compliant | FDA Form 2253 | Official Veeva PartnerĀ