Social Publishing

Reduced Publishing Time. Increased Outcomes. 

Cut down 90% of time with automated content publishing

Streamline and automate the process of planning, composing and publishing social posts. Publish content over multiple social networks in a go or share unique content over each channel. Maintain a consistent content flow with the social media calendar.

Increase efficiency in content collaboration, review and publishing with a seamless workflow

Collaborate with cross functional teams on content review and approval processes. The approval feedback can be captured and updated into every social post before they can get published.

Monitor campaign ROI by setting up UTM parameters before publishing 

Apply campaign UTM parameters to every post to track the source and medium of clickthroughs and leads. Know exactly which lead came from where, set performance benchmarks and monitor improvements over time.

Automated social media post creation via RSS feed

Automate the process of pulling content through an RSS feed or blog feed in order to create social media posts.

For example, when a blogpost is published to your website, MarketBeam automatically creates and publishes a social media post to corporate social media channels and amplifies through employees all in a single automated workflow.

MarketBeam integrated with Veeva Systems to provide a single seamless workflow for Life Sciences companies to manage social media content review, approvals and publishing.

Other Use Cases

Data and Intelligence

Employee Advocacy

Executive SMM

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