Know exactly where your leads come from.

EXAMPLE: Let’s see how Elizabeth tracks and attributes each lead for her company

Step One:

She enables the User Tracking feature in MarketBeam.

Step Two:

A unique tracking ID is generated for every employee in MarketBeam’s framework.

Step Three:

She easily tracks every click-through in Salesforce and knows which post and employee or partner generated.

Elizabeth knows exactly where her leads come from! Her Marketing and Sales team finds it very easy to attribute click-throughs and leads too.

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Instantly publish content to integrated social channels. Increase brand reach and content life span while cutting down publishing time by 90%.


AI-powered amplification that matches the right content with the right employee-ambassador to gain the highest reach and engagement.


Track the source and medium of your leads and attribute each lead accordingly. MarketBeam tracks every click generated by all social media posts and maps it to the individual employee that generated it.

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