Navigate regulatory challenges and reach HCPs on social media in the ongoing COVID times

According to a recent survey, 72% of physicians are active on Facebook in general, and 38% are active on Instagram and LinkedIn weekly.

With access to HCPs limited due to COVID-19, the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry have an urgent need to find ways to continue engaging with these important stakeholders on a regular basis.

Since Pharmaceutical and Life Science sales representatives no longer have in-person access to many HCPs, leaders in this space need a compliant path forward to leveraging the social media networks of these critical employees to reach and connect with HCPs in new ways, while maintaining compliance within a highly regulated environment.

Our recent session focused exactly on this new age social challenge for Pharmaceutical and Life Science brands.

Key Takeaways

– Learn about a proven, regulated social media approach to leveraging the social networks of sales reps to reach HCPs
– Eliminate risk and human errors by tightly integrating social media publishing with internal processes to ensure your team is only publishing approved content
– Reduce social media content time to market
– Get a sneak-peek into MarketBeam – a regulation-driven social media publishing, amplifying, and monitoring platform that is seamlessly integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats

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