4 Tips for your Social Amplification Strategy

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We know creating engaging, shareable content is not an easy task. Individual content creators spend countless hours developing, revising and perfecting content before it’s published. You check your analytics of every carefully crafted post, image, or video to calculate the impact and there is nothing. Bupkis, Nada. A few likes, sometimes single digit shares, and not nearly enough views.

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What happened? “If you build it, they will come,” right?

Sadly, this Hollywood proverb of supply-and-demand does not apply to the Internet Age, Content that isn’t boosted doesn’t get read, seen or clicked. Your content  is like a sound signal from an instrument or turntable – it’s ready to be heard, but your signal isn’t getting through.

There are literally millions of other posts in your business niche going up daily, and they all compete for attention. Your content is  literally getting drowned out by white noise. What you need to do is amplify that signal so it can be heard above the noise. What you need is Social Amplification.

What’s Social Amplification?

It’s an aggregate term that defines methods and techniques that raise your audience’ awareness of your content.  The most important takeaway for content/social amplification is it doesn’t refer to a specific process that increases your reach. Paid search, Facebook ads, and reaching out to social media influencers are all forms of social amplification. Let’s talk about why you need social amplification.

Why You Need Social Amplification

Your content needs to reach your target audience. If you are competing with all that background noise content broadcasting to the same target audience, you have got to rise above and be heard. Social amplification for shares, likes and clicks is critical to your brand’s success. Without it, your organic content reach is never going to give you the ROI you need.

Tips for your Social Amplification Strategy

Okay, we’ve established, you need social amplification to build your brand and ensure your content is creating the desired impact on your target audience. Here are some ways you can do that:


1. Stick to Signal Boosting Your Best Content

Rarity is the hallmark of anything that’s truly special. Every content creator tries to turn out content they believe is truly special for social media. It’s their baby, and they want to see that baby go out into the world, grow up and flourish. The harsh reality is that only a small percentage of created content on social media is truly special, unique, or engaging. Not every dog that enters the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show walks away with Best in Show.

They possess a truly unique rarity that sets them apart in the judges eyes, and these judges see hundreds (if not thousands) of dogs annually. Statistically, it is impossible for every dog entered to be considered for Best in Show, and the same is statistically true with everything a content creative develops for publication.

You should reserve only the best and rarest 1-2% of your content for Social Amplification via social media channels, and leave the rest to fend for themselves. Otherwise, you are over investing in content that, truth be told, isn’t going to perform.


2. Work on Scoring Some Influencer Support

As a method of Social Amplification goes, this one is probably the trickiest to pull off. It’s got to be a perfect mixture of one part networking skills, one part soft skills, and one part good old-fashioned luck.

Start by trying the usual channels like DMs and email, but influencers are generally bombarded with polite requests and offers about content for their followers, so this is a tough sell. You could also try engaging them on social media, but bear in mind they may see hundreds of people a day trying to signal boost by posting in the comments or replying to posts.

An additional option is to share their content and comment on it or boost it via your own channel. If you start attracting more followers for them, their influence grows, and they may reach out to you. Regardless of how you choose to do it, try to develop a relationship as genuinely as possible. Avoid being a “rinser”, or a brand promoter looking to build awareness by riding on the success of someone else’s content.


3. Be Present and Active in Niche Communities

Find other brands and businesses like yours on Reddit and similar sites. Here’s the trick though: you’re not there to market. You are there to become an active member in the community involved in reading and contributing to what others are writing or posting about. Build relationships and earn your place as a valued, trustworthy thought-leader in your industry. Discussing your products with other members should evolve naturally, and not be a target for a prepared sales pitch you will fire off as soon as they express an interest in your products or


4. Engage a Social Amplification Service

Automating your social amplification can make for a better ROI on your marketing investment of time and money. There are services available that provide AI-run social amplification software. Bring all influencers on a platform like MarketBeam, that streamlines content from marketing team and makes fully prepared posts available to influencers. They, post them easily to their social networks for 12-15X amplification.

This ensures your best content has the organic reach you’re looking for, and increases your number of likes and shares. The signal boost on social media gets you trending, further increasing your audience and your marketing reach. Using a tool like MarketBeam means you save time and get more for your social amplification money, too.

Make your content work for you: start signal boosting and get your content to the right people who will benefit most. Interested in using a service like MarketBeam? Calculate your social reach today! Visit MarketBeam’s social reach calculator today, and see how we can help you develop the Social Amplification strategy that gets your content where it needs to go.


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