Executive Social Media publishing

Access the large social media networks of top executives and influencers. Communicate with your audience through an influential voice.

A robust solution to connect the brand with vast crowds seamlessly

Leverage top influential networks to elevate brand presence and gain organic followers. Discover the hidden potential of untapped accounts and use them in favor of brand growth.

Why do brands need C-Suite Marketing?

  • Executives do not have the bandwidth to manage social media accounts due to their busy schedules. After studying why the strong social networks of C-Suite executives remain untapped, it was found that:
  • Executives cannot invest their time to create their own social media content 
  • Executives rely on marketing or assistants to manage social posts by sharing social media passwords 
  • Monitoring social media engagement is a totally  approval processes and manual results-monitoring emerges as a time-consuming factor that definitely doesn’t fit into work-schedules 

How MarketBeam preserves the voice of executives over their social networks?

MarketBeam rejuvenates C-Suite accounts with regularized, secure publishing of relevant content. Our uniqueness is in preserving powerful voices on social media and building their personal brands effectively while following governance and content compliance for the company.

Executives can connect their own social handles to MarketBeam instead of sharing passwords with admins, hence MarketBeam serves as a security firewall.  The communication team crafts custom messages for each executive to make posts reflect the individual voice and differentiate from the rest of the brand advocates. 

Executives can review, preview and approve of posts before final publishing.

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Social Media Management for Executives

Studies have shown that customers, prospective employees, investors and partners prefer to engage with executive social media rather than a brand account. However, executives don’t have the time to determine what content is compliant or not or stay current with company social messaging. 

MarketBeam provides a streamlined experience designed for busy executives. The platform allows executives to preserve their authentic voice on social media and builds their personal brands effectively while maintaining corporate governance and content compliance.

Other Use Cases

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Employee Advocacy

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