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by | Jun 28, 2022 | Social Media Strategy

The chances are high that social media consumes a large part of your workday if you are in the online marketing space. There are numerous repetitive tasks you perform every day. Automated tools can be used to address most of the challenges associated with social media. In the absence of such tools, the world of Social Media may seem endless. You’ll always find another topic to discuss, a Facebook page to join, a status to update, a post to like, dislike, or share. The list goes on. 

If you’re looking for practical advice on social media amplification, our new cheat sheet is a great place to start. It includes a comparison of two top amplification tools, Oktopost and MarketBeam. Both of them have won several awards and are highly recommended by users of all kinds.

Let’s get started!  

What is MarketBeam?

Founded in 2018, MarketBeam, a leading Oktopost alternative, is a social media publishing and monitoring platform to amplify, monitor, and publish social media content leveraging employees’ untapped social networks. Promotes brand reputation and enables 10X audiences reach. Social media marketing solutions focus on bridging the gap between marketing efforts and return on investment from social media. For companies in highly regulated environments such as technology, cybersecurity, life sciences, and finance, the platform automates social media activities. 

With MarketBeam’s quick start package, you’ll discover the power of employee advocacy, streamlined social publishing, and traffic-driving social publishing, helping enterprises to grow organically, drive traffic, and build leads.

How does MarketBeam work?

The AI-powered engine of MarketBeam, an Oktopost alternative, helps marketers create and publish content on autopilot. The three-step strategy of publishing, amplifying, and analyzing will help you reach 10X more audiences and improve your organic reach without overhauling your current Martech stack.

If your business operates in a highly regulated industry, using MarketBeam, you can manage social media content with confidence, since FDA, FINRA, and FDIC regulations are integrated into the process.

 What is Oktopost?

B2B marketers use Oktopost social media management, social listening, and employee advocacy solutions to engage with customers and prospects on social media, gain actionable information, and demonstrate ROI. The platform accounts empower startups and enterprises to control their content dissemination at a large scale. It assists in creating and managing high-quality social media campaigns, regardless of the quantity of content and the number of profiles or pages used. 

Oktopost helps businesses use social data to improve customer experience and drive revenue growth by integrating natively with all major marketing automation and CRM platforms, including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

 How does Oktopost work?

The platform allows the user to plan, approve and schedule their social media posts beforehand to take it a step ahead and stay productive. 

Oktopost also has a built-in employee advocacy board, which allows marketers to promote social content across the company at no additional cost. When employees share social content, everything is immediately tracked and measured, so ROI for advocacy can be calculated just like it can for traditional marketing channels.

Side-by-side comparison of MarketBeam and Oktopost


Functionality MarketBeam Oktopost
    Content review & approval
    Native Video Posts
Employee Advocacy
    User Groups
    ‘Organic Like’ Campaign 
    One-Click share
Social monitoring 
    Veeva PromoMats
    Google Analytics
Mobile App



The two systems have essentially comparable publication capabilities. You may construct a social media post, pick which account it comes from, attach images, shorten links, and publish or schedule the material from the main feed dashboard. A draft box is included in the solutions, allowing you to save posts that aren’t quite ready for publication and return to them later.


Along with its ability to publish social media content, MarketBeam, an Oktopost alternative, also solves some of the common problems associated with publishing.

  • Up to 50 posts can be scheduled in bulk by submitting a CSV file
  • Support for native video uploads of up to 100MB
  • Using LinkedIn tags to identify individuals

Tracking campaign ROI is made possible by setting UTM parameters before publishing and automating social media post-production via RSS feed.


Campaigns are the foundation of B2B marketing, and social media doesn’t have to be an exception. Every post you make using Oktopost is assigned to a campaign, making content management and reporting easier. With powerful AI tool integrations, the user can generate dozens of social media posts‌. It automatically schedules content across multiple social media channels through different profiles and networks at the optimal times.

Oktopost also allows you to keep track of all your scheduled and published content across numerous networks, teams, and campaigns in real-time. To alter your schedule and cover content gaps, drag & drop posts into the Calendar.


Permission settings and publishing approval rules are the most common forms of collaboration in social media management.


It is easy to manage because there are only two roles – 1) Admin and 2) User.

  • Social media calendars are created by admins together
  • Process for reviewing and approving content 
  • Agency collaboration


Oktopost has similar administrative features, including 

  • Permissions depending on roles and a multi-step publishing clearance process. Any post in the feed can be assigned to a person or team as a task.
    When another user replies to a post in the feed view, Oktopost will highlight it to ensure that no two people comment on the same post in the feed view. For bigger social teams, this feature can save a lot of time and prevent awkward multiple responses.



Using employees to amplify social media posts is MarketBeam’s core value.

  • Posts are automatically published at predetermined times thanks to AI-based infrastructure.
  • Social-Drip, a proprietary feature, automates human behavior to maximize engagement on each post.
  • One-click Users can choose which posts they want to share after receiving notifications via Slack or email.
  • Amplification of executive social media


Oktopost works in tandem with your social media management platform, allowing you to share processes, campaigns, and reporting to save time and keep your social team productive. With Oktopost’s Leaderboard, your team can see their performance metrics, identify top advocates and engage in a friendly competition.

Oktopost allows you to manage all of your social media accounts and staff advocacy efforts from one location. Oktopost measures the impact of employee advocacy on your total B2B marketing goals, from reach to conversions. It assists you in identifying program leaders and determining which content appeals to their audiences. You can get even more value out of employee advocacy data by integrating it with your marketing automation and CRM platforms for improved lead nurturing, scoring, and attribution. Employee advocacy is made exceedingly simple and rewarding with Oktopost, ensuring high involvement.



Through a single dashboard, MarketBeam, an Oktopost alternative, gives actionable insights into critical KPIs. It allows you to track engagement, shares, and click-throughs, as well as determine the most engaging social channels for your brand. The technology also helps to distinguish between high-performing influencers and the traffic they generate.

Access, monitor, and measure employee and corporate page activity, as well as compare top-performing pages. The various integrated insights form a feedback loop, providing flexible inputs to improve your content and social media marketing approach.
Determine the value of branded material obtained via social media. Measure non-paid, organic, and long-term followers who add value to the brand on a daily basis.


Using Oktopost, you can track engagement on a single platform or see how your posts are performing across all of your social media accounts. Share social data with your team and stakeholders in the form of presentation-ready PDF, PowerPoint, or CSV reports that show how to acquire, engage, and understand your audience. To incorporate social data with your BI tools, schedule a bespoke data export.

As an add-on, Oktopost provides a social listening capability that allows you to analyze and report on social assignments to identify gaps and improve your response time.

Integrations and extras

In order to provide you with social media management support, MarketBeam integrates with all the essential platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Slack, Salesforce, Veeva Vault PromoMats, and LinkedIn.

Oktopost is compatible with the major networks mentioned above and provides native connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Marketo, Zendesk, HubSpot, Eloqua, Salesforce pardot, Teams, Act-on, Sugar Market, Bitly, Facebook, Click Dimensions, Google Analytics, Feedly, Canva, Zapier, and Giphy.

 Pricing models

MarketBeam, an Oktopost alternative, has three pricing categories to help you get the best deal for your company. Small businesses will benefit from the lowest tier, which enables one Admin and up to 25 employees for amplification, has free app integrations, and includes a social inbox for responding to consumers. Special add-ons, such as staff amplification and ad campaign management, are available at the top two tiers.

Oktopost seems much more expensive on all tiers. The starting package costs $49 per month per user for businesses. The monthly fees for the Marketing Plan and Business Plan are $119 and $249, respectively. Depending upon the recent environment, Oktopost can become more expensive compared to other tools in the market.

Which should you choose?

The major difference is in pricing and how well the products are integrated with the rest of the martech stack. 

Oktopost and MarketBeam offer licenses in tiered subscription models. However, Oktopost seems very expensive for the same set of features. 

For the Pharma and Life Sciences industries, the solution is the only official partner of Veeva that helps companies overcome common challenges. The solution favors function over form, so if you’re looking for a fancy interface, Oktopost could be a better option.

MarketBeam and Oktopost are both powerful social media management tools. MarketBeam offers more in the way of reporting, while Oktopost offers more extras like social CRM and audience discovery. Both options are capable of helping you reach and exceed your social media goals. Figure out what you need from them, then decide which option has the capabilities you need to help you achieve those goals.

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