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by | Aug 13, 2019 | B2B Marketing, Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy and execution have become a crucial part of marketing efforts for organizations. Marketing teams either have a dedicated social media manager or they have a content marketing manager who will also wear the hat of social media manager. In either case, they need tools to make their process more efficient. At the minimum, all social media marketers should have a centralized tool that helps them post content to multiple social networks. While there are many vendors that offer social media marketing help, many of them have a narrow focus on solving a single problem. To compensate for the narrow focus, a company will often buy multiple tools in order to have a truly “efficient” social marketing process. The truth is that this process is not efficient because companies are juggling different tools.

If the process above appears in your company, don’t worry! This article will take you through how to truly get an efficient social marketing process.

First, let’s review the social media management vendor landscape to understand what solutions are already available and what makes the best fit for your organization.

Social Media Tools Landscape

Social Posting and Scheduling

Social media marketing strategies have included (and may still include) tools like HootSuite and Buffer, which quickly became popular in early 2010s. They help with posting content to various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram without the need to exit the tool and individually visit each of the said websites. This is as basic as it can get in 2019 and unfortunately there are companies that still are limiting themselves to using such tools.

Social Listening

Social media marketing strategies then got revamped when the next generation of tools started to enter the market. These were tools that helped understand audience behavior. Gathering data about clicks, impressions, likes, comments and shares meant a big deal. There were tools that started building sentiment analysis based on social media activities.

Many tools started providing a way to respond to the audience’s comments through a single tool. Whether it was a retweet, a new comment on LinkedIn post or a Facebook reaction, there was a single tool through which a social media manager could respond to all these actions.

Social Media Analytics

Social media marketing strategies had to face another change yet again. While many organizations adopted publishing and listening, they realized that those was still not sufficient to make social campaigns successful. Here is when a deeper understanding of analytics became important. People wanted to know:

  • which social networks is preferred by target audience
  • what time they are active
  • what content is resonating
  • where are they located

If you want to further your understanding of social media analytics check out this guide to social media analytics.

As social media marketing has taken a front seat in the complete marketing umbrella, there have been a rise in social media software tools. Imagine you have a business and you want to find the best way to market it with social media. There is one slight issue: you have no idea where to start!

There are hundreds of websites out there that claim that they can help so it’s easy for even the most discerning business owners to get lost.

Fortunately, there’s MarketBeam! While it’s true that there are many other resources which you can find useful to one degree or another, none of them can do everything that MarketBeam provides and with the ease of use that it offers. Whatever you need to take your business to success, MarketBeam is at your service. Here are some ways MarketBeam can benefit you and your business:

1. (Publishing and) Amplifying

Social media marketing strategies should always start with publishing. Publishing content is merely a sufficient to gain traction. In 2018, social media platforms made a decision to reduce company created content on individual social feeds compared to content posted by individual users. That meant that it only became harder for company pages on social media to reach their own followers.

MarketBeam helps you exponentially increase your reach and develop real engagement with your audience to become a trusted authority. This happens when brand ambassadors, like employees and executives, share company content on their own personal social channels.

MarketBeam uses machine learning technology to determine what social media channels your content performs best in, what sort of posts
are most engaging, what the best time of the day to upload content is, and more. Then, once your content is published, MarketBeam helps you amplify it across multiple channels with an amplification purposed AI. This amplification AI makes sure that your hard work is not just sitting around online collecting dust, but rather that it continues to reach people and create leads long after it’s been written.

Employee-sourced content curation allows your employees to give a personal touch to the networking process and scheduled automatic sharing which makes circulating content easier than ever before.

“It’s a great mechanism to get the message out without any effort. It took me 5 minutes to set up my account. I love it. It’s extremely easy and professional”

Troy McFadden, Account Executive @ Kaminario

Reaching employees’ networks have increased social reach by 15 times at our customers.

2. Executive Branding

Social media marketing strategies are missing one element that people fail pay attention to. This crucial element is executive branding. If your business does not have a professional and trustworthy persona, you can hardly expect your profits to break even, much less reach the heights of greatness. That’s where executive branding comes in.

Executive branding is anything you do, online or offline, that helps to cultivate your professional brand and gain credibility. The problem is that most business owners are too busy running their business to focus on building their brand, so they often rely on others to manage the marketing end of things. The result is that they become disconnected from their target audience and lose touch with the very people they depend on.

With MarketBeam’s executive branding feature, it is easier than ever to maintain a presence on social media. With MarketBeam, you can save
massive amounts of time managing all social media accounts, increase your visibility and create a distinct personality and voice for your brand. Not only that, but with our help, you can do all of this entirely on your own. If you’re looking for a resource which gives you data driven insights on the branding process and provides you with the social media management software you need to reach out to more people and build connections with other thought leaders, MarketBeam is your best choice by far.

To learn more about executive branding click here.

3. Lead Nurturing

Social media marketing strategies must find a way to nurture leads. In fact, one of the most important features in any marketing strategy is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is performing certain gestures towards possible leads that might eventually help turn them into customers. This includes emailing them special offers, promotions or general industry related
information designed to keep your brand fresh in their minds. The benefits of these gestures cannot be overstated. In fact, companies that efficiently nurture leads generate roughly twice as many sales than companies which don’t, and they do so at a lower cost.

The question is: What is ‘efficient’ lead nurturing? At MarketBeam, we know that lead nurturing is a hands-on process. We understand you want to make sure that we keep your salespeople in mind when designing the content they can use to nurture potential customers. We help you create tailored pieces of content which will resonate with your leads and increase your profits. Still curious? Read more about lead nurturing here.

Why use several different tools to get the social media marketing strategy you want when with MarketBeam you can publish, amplify, brand and nurture leads all in one place?

If you want to save time, money and to turn your business into something spectacular, then get started with a 14-day free trial today at

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