5 Clever Social Media Posts to Keep Your Followers Engaged

by | May 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy

Want to post something on social media but do not know what? 

Maintaining a social media editorial calendar can be exhausting because you have to develop creative and innovative content every day! Keeping followers and social media prospects engaged with your posts is challenging. 

Want to diversify your social media feed? Want more people to comment, like, or engage? Here are the types of social media to engage with your followers.

Top 5 Social Media Posts to Engage Your Followers

Polls/ Surveys

Do you find it easier to respond to a poll rather than answering a question or reading someone’s opinion on the same topic? Similarly, your followers love to engage in “Click your answer” among 2 to 4 options. Why? It is quick, easier to read and respond to, intrigues readers to share opinions, brings more comments, brings more likes, and saves time. 

Some LinkedIn and Facebook users have often commented that polls are the best way to increase engagement and followers on Social Media. This is because the reach amplifies the posts. Moreover, you can also use a poll as a data collection tool to understand and serve your customers accordingly.

Get feedback from your connections, followers, or customers to improve your marketing activity processes. The polls and surveys are the best ways to drive the audience to engage with your posts and updates. 

“Polls & Surveys attract higher engagements and improve marketing activity.”


Attention span has reduced over the years- so people tend to spend more time on videos than long-form written posts. There are several platforms to upload and share your videos. Share on social networks and embed the videos on your site as needed. The videos have the ability to explain and give a brief overview quickly and conveniently. 

The statistics of videos say that they retain high attention, increase credibility and trust among consumers, encourage the response rate, amplify engagement rates, and position you as one of the best brands in your field.

54% of marketers believe video is the most valuable content format for achieving social goals.”

Slide Shares

Want to share long-form content without sounding boring to your audience? Go for Slide Share. It is one of the best ways to create engaging infographic content on LinkedIn. It is almost like a carousel of Instagram- by clicking on the right mid arrow we jump to the next slide or post. 

The slide shares are believed to provide over 10X views and clicks on social media content. And, you can design or have a specific template for effectively creating interactive slideshows for your audience. Boost your engagement with followers by creating informative posts on social media. 

Slide Shares provide 10X views and clicks on Social Media Posts.”

Live Streams

Going LIVE is one of the prominent and popular forms of inviting and engaging your audience on social media channels. Whether you plan to LIVE stream on LinkedIn or Instagram or YouTube or Facebook or any other social media network. Always make sure that showing a human side to your brand or business plays a positive role in increasing their interest in your product or services. 

Increase your customer loyalty with these planned and well-orchestrated LIVE Streams. These live streams can be recorded and posted on later dates to engage more audiences. Even though LIVE Video came into the limelight post-pandemic, it is likely to stay. 

“Showing the human side to your brand plays a positive role in engaging.”


People are in unsaid and unforeseen competitions always and a healthy spirit also keeps us energized to keep moving forward! It becomes best if there are sweepstakes involved to drive more engagement on social media posts. 

Like and Share competitions are also popular ways to entice followers to share your content or updates. Even more so, encourage your followers to create their own content and add your brand or business hashtag. 

“Like and Share Competitions are popular ways to engage followers.”

Final Thoughts

Here we have listed the top 5 social media posts format to engage your followers. However, do not stick to anyone. There are many social media formats that a brand runs better with, so make sure that you find your ideal format. Whether it is simply posting questions, running a survey or poll, repurposing customers’ testimonials, having a slideshow, uploading a video, or anything else. 

Have crafty and innovative ideas to run your social media platform and your followers will definitely appreciate your feed. Marketers who understand their audience and what is the best content type that can help you attract the ideal crowd. Remember, ultimately, you want to share content that your customers want. 

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