HubSpot and LinkedIn Lead Generation: The Untapped Potential of Organic Leads

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We all aim to generate leads efficiently and effectively, always! Here, we will be discussing HubSpot CRM and how it can be used to identify signals and generate organic leads from LinkedIn.

HubSpot seamlessly integrates user journeys, formulates precise analyses of buyer patterns, and offers an in-depth insight into the activities of individual contacts. Despite its extensive features, there’s an untapped reservoir of potential in LinkedIn’s organic leads. But why is this significant? Let’s dive in.

HubSpot’s Holistic Approach

To truly appreciate the untapped potential, we first need to understand the depths of HubSpot’s capabilities:

User Journeys: HubSpot captures the entire spectrum of a user’s interaction with a business. From the initial click on an advertisement to the final purchase, HubSpot tracks, analyzes, and presents these interactions in an easy-to-understand format.

Buyer Patterns: Recognizing and understanding buying patterns is a game-changer for businesses. HubSpot provides data-driven insights, allowing businesses to tailor their strategies accordingly.

Detailed Contact Activities: A treasure trove of data is available for each contact in HubSpot. These include:

Website Visits: By tracking how users interact with your website and understanding their content consumption, HubSpot reveals invaluable intent data.

Emails: The open rate and response rate of emails give a direct indication of a contact’s interest. HubSpot doesn’t miss this; it keeps a meticulous record.

Phone: For businesses that have integrated outbound calling with HubSpot, every call, its duration, and outcomes are logged.

While this seems comprehensive, a significant chunk of data – social media interactions, especially from LinkedIn – remains untapped.

The Gap in HubSpot CRM

Despite the leaps in CRM technology, a conspicuous void remains: the non-integration of social media signals, particularly from platforms like LinkedIn. As a business hub and a meeting place for professionals, LinkedIn is a gold mine for leads. Yet, these potential leads remain isolated from mainstream CRM processes. Consequently, a vast amount of organic lead data – likes, comments, shares, and more – remains siloed, disconnected from the broader lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Bridging the Gap: MarketBeam

To remedy this disconnect, MarketBeam has devised a solution: a direct integration of LinkedIn signals into HubSpot’s CRM. The process is systematic:

Step1: Signal Identification

The first step is recognizing the engagement signals – likes, comments, and reshares. These engagements are direct indicators of interest in a product, service, or content.

Step 2: Compilation of User Details

After identifying the signals, MarketBeam consolidates the details of the actual LinkedIn users involved – their names, titles, and companies. This data is vital in understanding the professional background of the potential lead.

Step 3: Admin Filtering

With the compiled list, HubSpot admins can filter out users based on specific criteria like titles or companies. Depending on the match and relevance, admins can then either create a new contact in HubSpot or add this fresh activity data to an existing contact’s timeline.

Redefining Lead Scoring & Outreach

With LinkedIn data now available in HubSpot, you can redefine scoring processes. Engagements on LinkedIn posts, for instance, can be given weightage in the lead scoring matrix. A like or comment on a product post might indicate interest, warranting a higher score.

Moreover, the instant availability of this data means businesses can reach out to these contacts without delay, ensuring timely and relevant communication. Instead of waiting for a potential lead to land on their website or fill out a form, you can proactively approach them in a custom way, based on their LinkedIn engagements.

We can’t afford to leave any stone unturned!

The integration of LinkedIn organic leads with HubSpot, thanks to MarketBeam, provides you with a more holistic view of their leads. With this new, enriched data, you can tailor their outreach strategies, ensuring they connect with their potential clients at the right time, with the right message. If you haven’t yet explored this integration, you’re indeed missing out on a world of opportunities. Embrace it, and unlock the full potential of lead generation.

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