The Future of Digital Compliance in Pharma: MarketBeam’s Integration with Veeva Vault PromoMats

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As industries and social media mature over time, every industry must ensure that they’re not only present online but also compliant with industry standards and regulations. For pharma companies, this responsibility is crucial given the sensitive nature of the information and the importance of maintaining the public’s trust. Veeva Vault PromoMats users in the pharma sector have always had a reliable tool for their compliance needs, but the game has just been upped with the integration of MarketBeam.

Why Veeva Customers Trust MarketBeam for Social Media Marketing

MarketBeam – The Trailblazer in Social Amplification for Pharma

One of the standout qualities of MarketBeam is its distinction as the first and only social amplification platform specifically tailored for the pharma industry. When businesses look to invest in new technologies or platforms, the two main concerns are often compatibility and specialization. MarketBeam checks both these boxes with its full integration with Veeva Vault PromoMats.

The Two-Step Magic: Seamless Social Media Publishing

The traditional process of social media publishing can be cumbersome, especially when ensuring compliance. MarketBeam simplifies this process for Veeva users:

Creation & Scheduling

a) Craft your posts directly in MarketBeam and decide when you want them to go live.

b) Simultaneously, a PDF preview of the actual social media content gets generated and uploaded to Veeva Vault PromoMats.

This seamless integration ensures that your posts are always ready for compliance checks without any extra work.

Approval & Publishing

After the Medical-Legal-Regulator (MLR) or the Promotional Review Committee (PRC) team gives the green light to the posts, they switch to a ‘pending’ status in MarketBeam. The brilliance here is automation – on the designated day, MarketBeam will take charge and ensure that the content goes live.

Empowering Employees while Ensuring Compliance

A primary challenge with corporate social media is to get employees engaged with the content. MarketBeam offers a solution that’s not just compliant, but also engaging. Employees have an approved and a straightforward method to share company-generated content on social media platforms.

The added advantage? The rigorous Medical, Legal & Regulatory (MLR) review process and the submission of the FDA Form 2253 (when necessary) is managed efficiently in Veeva Vault PromoMats before the content is given to the employees.

Transform Your Social Media Journey with MarketBeam and Veeva

In an age where digital presence is a must, pharma companies can’t afford to lag. With MarketBeam’s integration with Veeva Vault PromoMats, companies can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that their digital compliance is in check, and their message reaches the right audience seamlessly.

For those keen to dive deeper and understand the full spectrum of possibilities this integration offers, we recommend requesting our detailed data sheet. Discover how MarketBeam and Veeva PromoMats together can revolutionize the social media journey for pharma companies.

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