Why MarketBeam

A highly regulated, secure, and compliant social amplification platform.

Safe. Secure. Compliant.

Integrated System

Consolidate your efforts and invest in an integrated tool to manage social media. Publish content, amplify brand reach and track every social media metric with MarketBeam’s integrated platform.

Cut down 90% of your social media publishing and managing time instantly.

    Safeguard Your Brand

    MarketBeam helps you ensure that only approved and compliant content is posted over your social channels, thus helping you safeguard your brand from violating regulatory and compliance rules.

    Fastest Onboarding

    MarketBeam has created a repeatable successful onboarding structure to help you in every step of the way.

    We guarantee 1-week set up and onboarding both admins and employees. We also offer onboarding materials and host onboarding calls with your employees.


    MarketBeam’s proprietary auto-sharing feature completely automates employees sharing on any number of social networks.

    Auto-share mimics human behavior by posting content to social networks at machine-generated randomized timings.

    As an alternative, users can directly share content from email and slack notifications without leaving their screens. This one-click sharing process does not require users to log into MarketBeam or their social media accounts.

    Leverage untapped employees own social networks to exponentially increase your brand's reach.

    Drive organic traffic, boost engagement and increase followers everyday.Brand messages reached 561% further when content was shared by employees.

    Integrated Dashboard

    Measure content success and engagement across all integrated social networks. Distinguish top-performing employees and pages while identifying in-demand content types and topics. Know optimum time and day of posting content to drive maximum engagement and boost geo-reach. 

    Schedule Demo

    MarketBeam helps you drive organic traffic to your corporate pages, thus connecting you to larger, wider audience. Learn how MarketBeam can be the perfect Marketing assistant for your brand.

    Unique Features

    Lead Tracking

    Know the source and medium of each lead generated. Get all details of every clickthrough and lead to ensure smooth attribution. 

    'Organic Likes' Campaign

    Increase engagement over each post with the Likes Campaign. Increase page visitors and boost followers.

    Social Drip

    Increase content lifespan by posting content from multiple integrated accounts and profiles at varied timings, thus keeping your posts at the top of your audience’s feed.

    Single-Click Share

    A true single click to share content directly from your everyday productive tools like emails and Slack.