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by | Jun 28, 2022 | Social Media Strategy

Social media has grown so much that it is now necessary for most companies to maintain accounts on multiple social media sites. Primarily, social media agencies and internet marketing specialists are using Hootsuite Amplify and MarketBeam.

Hootsuite and MarketBeam each offer benefits, but their different features are very important to note. Hootsuite has a diverse range of functionality for managing social accounts, whereas MarketBeam focuses on automating the content sharing process. The former is an all-in-one solution, while the latter is designed to perform a narrow set of functions.

This comparison of two fully-featured social media management tools shows the differences and similarities between the two. Both products offer support for multiple social networks, so choosing between them isn’t just about choosing the longest feature list.

In order to determine the advantages of one software over another, you have to examine how it performs its functions. For example, which software provides the most streamlined publishing? Which software provides the most detailed reporting?

Our goal is to help you answer those questions by comparing dashboards, publishing, scheduling, collaboration, reporting, and integration capabilities between MarketBeam and Hootsuite.

What is MarketBeam?

Founded in 2018, MarketBeam, a leading Hootsuite alternative, is a social media publishing, amplifying, and monitoring platform designed for companies that operate in highly regulated environments, such as technology, cybersecurity, life sciences, and financial services.

Using MarketBeam’s quick start package, organizations can leverage the power of streamlined social publishing and employee advocacy to grow followers organically, drive traffic, and generate leads.

How does MarketBeam work?

Marketing content can be created and shared automatically thanks to MarketBeam’s artificial intelligence engine. Through a simple 3 step process – Publish, Amplify, Analyze – you can reach 10X more audiences and improve your organic reach without overhauling your current Martech stack.  

With MarketBeam, a Hootsuite alternative you can ensure compliance with FDA, FINRA, and FDIC regulations while publishing and managing content for social media.

What is Hootsuite Amplify?

Hootsuite Amplify is a solution for employee advocacy and employee engagement, that allows your employees to share organization-approved messages and content via their own social networks.

With Hootsuite Amplify, you can make company-approved content available to your employees. You can track posts that are the most successful and see which employees send them. You can manage all of this through an easy-to-use mobile app and web interface. This software gives you functionality only for use by employees. You can automatically schedule posts throughout the day related to different topics based on what you think is relevant. It also integrates with Hootsuite, an enterprise service for social media management solutions.

How does Hootsuite Amplify work?

HootSuite is a social media manager that lets you create personalized views for all of your connected social media accounts. It allows you to manage your tweets, post to numerous accounts, and much more. It can assist you in making sense of your social media marketing if you own a business. In only a few clicks, It can be up and running, and your days of drowning in a sea of information will be over.

Amplify is a feature on Hootsuite that lets you consolidate your data to reach out to numerous connections in a small amount of time. This will result in a more accurate estimation of the network size.

With the help of your colleagues, you can promote your brand and increase your reach.

It works like this:

  1. You create social content that supports your brand goals and professional social presence.
  2. You engage your workforce to help you share that pre-approved content to their social accounts.

You manage and create content with your employee advocates. You can also change permissions and edit member information, if necessary. Advocates have access to Amplify and Publish in Hootsuite. If you want more from Amplify, like track engagement rates for posts or have one account for multiple jobs, contact your customer representative.

Side-by-side comparison of MarketBeam and Hootsuite Amplify


Employee Advocacy X X
Intelligence X X
Analytics X X
Leaderboard/Gamification X
Content review & approval X X
User Groups X X
Video Posts X ?
LinkedIn Campaigns – likes and reshares (social drip) X
LinkedIn X X
Twitter X X
Facebook X X
Instagram X X
Youtube X
Slack X X
MS Teams X
Veeva PromoMats X
Mobile App
One-Click share X
Support via chat
Executive Social Media Management X
Social Monitoring X
Social Drip X



Both platforms offer nearly identical publishing capabilities. A social media post can be composed of the dashboard, selecting which account it comes from, attaching images, shortening links, and scheduling it for publication. Posts not quite ready for publication can be stored in the draft section of the solutions so that they can be edited later. 


MarketBeam, the Hootsuite alternative has solved some of the issues associated with publishing social media content in addition to its basic features.

  • Upload a CSV file to bulk schedule up to 50 posts
  • File sizes up to 100MB for native video upload
  • Using LinkedIn tags to identify individuals 

You can track campaign ROI by configuring UTM parameters before publishing and automating social media post-production via RSS feed.

Hootsuite Amplify:

You can use Hootsuite Amplify’s bulk schedule function to plan up to 50 posts at once by uploading a CSV file.

Hootsuite helps you to- 

  • With one calendar view, you’ll see all your published and scheduled content across all of your networks. 
  • Plan campaigns, fill in content gaps and collaborate in real-time. 
  • When you need to respond fast to a potential crisis or unexpected opportunity, stop all scheduled posts.
  • Easily create and preview on-brand, engaging posts with Composer. 
  • The frictionless video publishing feature automatically adjusts the bitrate, height, and width of the video to match each network’s requirements and gives you access to asset libraries, image editing, and video editing.
  • Easily create and preview engaging, on-brand posts using Composer. 
  • Get access to asset libraries, image editing, and our frictionless video publishing, which auto-adjusts the bitrate, height, and width to match each network’s requirements.


Permission settings and publication approval rules are the most common forms of collaboration in social media applications.


It is simple to manage since only two roles are required – 1) Admin and 2) User. 

  • Social media calendars are collaborated on by admins
  • Process for reviewing and approving content 
  • Agency collaboration

Hootsuite Amplify

Assigning a role in Hootsuite Amplify is done in three ways: Super Admin, Admin, or Default. Businesses can set up one of the three permission settings for entire teams if they wish to keep employee accounts on Hootsuite. Hootsuite Amplify also includes the ability to assign permissions to team members so they can respond to their respective customers on social media. A benefit of this is preventing inopportune situations such as accidentally replying to customers twice.



The value of MarketBeam’s service lies in its use of employees to amplify social media posts. 

  • Posts are scheduled to be published automatically based on AI. 
  • Utilizing proprietary Social-Drip technology, posts are automated to mimic human behavior to increase engagement. 
  • Users can choose what posts to share via Slack or email when notified of new posts via One-click Share. 
  • Amplification of executive social media 


Your employees can safely share your content with their social networks with Hootsuite Amplify. Its clean and intuitive mobile-first environment boosts employee engagement by making it easy for your people to stay connected and informed. It helps you use the incredible social influence of your employees by empowering them to share approved content across their social networks.

With Hootsuite, you can:

  • Manage your messaging and track your outcomes from the Hootsuite dashboard to save time.
  • Create pre-approved content for your company to disseminate to ensure accurate, clear, and consistent communications.




You can access actionable insights about important KPIs with MarketBeam. It allows businesses to track engagement, shares, and click-throughs whilst identifying the most effective social channels. The solution also helps to distinguish between top-performing influencers and the traffic generated by them. 

Employee and corporate pages can be accessed, monitored, and measured, and top-performing pages can be compared. The various integrated insights form a feedback loop, offering agile inputs to help you improve your content and social media marketing approach.
Determine the value of branded material acquired via social media. On-paid, organic, and long-term followers who add value to the company on a daily basis are measured.

Hootsuite Amplify

Your social accounts are divided into four perspectives in Hootsuite Amplify’s overview report: posts, followers, interaction, and metrics. This gives you a broad overview of your social media channels’ success, but the technology also allows you to drill down into specific social data points. Custom reports can be created in Hootsuite Amplify and then exported as PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or CSV files.

The chart that shows which days and times your posts receive the most impressions and engagement is a useful feature. This improves the timing of your posts, resulting in increased visitors. In addition, the ROI report shows how your social media initiatives affect leads and sales.


Integrations and extras

MarketBeam, the Hootsuite alternative integrates with all the essential platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Slack, Salesforce, ​​Veeva Vault PromoMats, and LinkedIn, helping you with different aspects of your social media management.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all integrated into Hootsuite. They also provide a directory of over 150 native integrations, with 127 of them being free.
Users of Hootsuite may also utilize the Campaigns feature to create a landing page and host social competitions and giveaways.


Pricing models

MarketBeam has three pricing categories to help you get the best deal for your company. Small businesses will benefit from the lowest tier, which enables only one user. The basic subscription allows you to schedule up to 25 articles in advance, has free app integrations, and includes a social inbox for responding to consumers. Special add-ons, such as staff amplification and ad campaign management, are available at the top two tiers.

Hootsuite Amplify has four pricing categories to help you choose the best plan for your company. Small businesses will benefit from the lowest tier, which enables only one user. The basic subscription allows you to schedule several posts in advance for up to ten accounts, includes free app integrations, and includes a social inbox where you can respond to consumers.

The basic version, on the other hand, limits your post boost spending to $500 and excludes advanced features like customizable reports and a content library. Special add-ons, such as social listening and ad campaign management, are available at the top two tiers.

Which should you choose?

Hootsuite Amplify and MarketBeam both provide tiered subscription structures for their products. Higher tiers are more expensive, but they unlock more features and allow you to track several accounts.

For regulated industries such as Pharma and Life Sciences, the solution emerges as Veeva’s only official partner, assisting in the resolution of frequent difficulties. The solution prioritizes usefulness over aesthetics. This is a good option if you’re searching for an all-in-one social media publication and amplification platform.

MarketBeam, the Hootsuite alternative, has a reporting advantage, while Hootsuite Amplify has more features, such as social CRM and audience found.

Both tools have the potential to assist you in achieving (and exceeding) your social media objectives. Determine what you require from them and choose the best alternative.

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